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“The Workshop” Cosplay & Theatre Fabrication Studio

faceoff Ok folks the Idea is that in North Canton / Stark County Ohio their is little to no cosplay / theatre community atmosphere. Their is no place to go to work on your convention costume or prop. Their is no place to get a set or prop for your theatrical show you want to produce locally, nor at a good price.

The main focus  is “The Work Shop”, it is a place open to the community for a membership fee that will give you access to all the tools you need to build basically anything. Bellow is a video of a tour of the Face/Off Fabrication space. I am designing my space to look and function much like theirs

 Update 7/29 /15

Well it took forever thanks to grad classes but I have finally got to publishing some new content and tah mean s the floor plans for the 2 shops at Drake Enterprises  are here!

the closet floor









Update 1/27/15

Ok here it is the 5 year plan as perceived by the floor plan for Drake Enterprises  Headquarters

The floor plan shows the existing rental space as it is now with the walls as is. As the sideshow progresses you will see the new renovations in the yellow highlighted areas. Then finally the last picture is of the Headquarters totally done and fully functional.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Coming soon will be the actual floor plans of the 2 stores

The Closet and Drake Theatrical Store 



 Update 1/9/15

Well I am working on a Animated floor plan for the space I’d like to move into. It will be posted soon.

 Drake Headquarters 

Here is a tiny (on purpose) tease of what has been in my mind since I saw the space. I’ll take you through what it has now and how it will get to the finished floor plan



In the meantime I just got this delivered today. Since dragons are my family and my businesses life blood. I snapped up this precious guy for future Christmas and special events to be displayed in the shop.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005

His wings actually flap  check out the video bellow to see it!





UPDATE: 8/8/14


Ok guys I’m showing some brand new tech here. Most of you should know about the 3D printing technology that is quickly becoming more affordable and as such more accessible. Now for us cosplayers its a great tool HOWEVER it cant really be used unless complying g with a lot of rules when competing at a conventions masquerade contest.  So for now I’ll just say I’m planning on having HOPEFULLY 2 of these fantastic machines and 2 scanners. WOW you might say that’s a investment ! yep yeah it is seeing as this machine is over $3000 but I think its a extremely useful tool for not only the cosplay division of my business but also for the theatre prop rental portion.  It will cut the time in half to craft some props or at least save a couple of steps between design and final product.




The printer Pro Version                                                                                                                                The Software   cubepro_c design_lab       sense_features_hero  banner_isense_features_b

The 3D Scanner                                                                                                                          i Pad Portable Scanner

Check out the video bellow of how this bad mother machine works WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!





Ok Guys here is the the latest Saturday cosplay question. What type of sewing machine do you use  or prefer? Check out this machine video for Brother   Tools of the trade had a mishap and it will be fixed soon and added to as well. “Tools of The Trade”   Ok Universe, Here is what I have in mind right now this is for the Woodshop portion of The WorkShop All tools that I work with are at least 18V and preferably



cordless The Wood Shop   885911250702 DC618K_K2_500X500 DCK440X_K1_500X500 DCR015_1_500X500 DCS330L_K1_500X500 DW717_1_500X500 DWHT10261_1_500X500 DWHT62513_1_500X500 DWHTGR50_1_500X500 DWHTTR130LH_1_500X500 DWMT72163_1_500X500 DWX723_1_500X500 sawstop     Heat Gun with Multiple Nose Attachments            Cordless finish nailer            Multipack with screw gun sawzall circulars                                                                                                                                                                                                         Work radio that synchs with mp3          Jig Saw           Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw         Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stan ( can run 4ft + boards on it)     Screw Drivers              Ergonomic Utility Knife           Compact Stapel Gun                                      Hot ( only hot no low temp ) glue gun                    110 Piece Mechanic tool set                Safety Table saw ( See Video Bellow)   Ok first and foremost in any wood shop safety is #1 so I give you the saw stop   Ok that’s just the 1st part there is still the sewing area, computer stations, screen print area


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