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Hump Day Deadpool fun


Hi Universe , Facebook folks, Pinterest Pals, World of Cosplay buddies,

Well since deadpool comes out on Friday lets have some fun!

Break it down now




Summer movie friday – on sat.


Sorry folks things come up

Ok word of warning when a movie producer does not allow the press to publish reviews of the film that usually means its gonna be a terrible movie. That is what has happened with the new Fantastic Four. I’m beginning to think perhaps were just not meant to see a good film on these characters.

trailer 1

trailer 2

This trailer should have been trailer one because it looks very good a much better promo



Summer Movie Friday -ANTMAN


Hello Universe , Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Ok next up is Ant Man coming out 1 week from now. I gotta say I am not running out to see this. My fear is that Paul Rudd WHO i LOVE will be Paul Rudd in the movie and not the character and the trailers seem to show this. Might I remind you of the last comedian who was himself in a super hero flick – ANYBODY REMBER GREENHORNET- Terrible. So i will be waiting for this one to get to the $1. theatre by me. Maybe I’ll go see Jurassic World again instead – now that was a badass movie

Trailer 2





Super hero girl tv show

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Ok thanks to the awesome guys over there at Superherohype they have revealed more casting for the Netflix marvel show.

three new talents have today been announced as part of the cast of Netflix’s second upcoming Marvel series, “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.” Look for Eka Darville (“Empire,” “The Originals”), Erin Moriarty (The Kings of Summer, “True Detective”) and Wil Traval (“Red Window,” Primal) to join the series, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A.K.A. Jessica Jones

Check out the link to the articule below.

I’m all for a female lead superhero show ( LOVE AGENT CARTER!) So hopefully this one will be good!




Agent Carter . . . A+ DAMN GOOD AND FUN

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well this is a quick review and glowing endorsement of Agent Carter on ABC.

This just fits so well in to my superhero girls section that I can not ignore it. I suspect that the #’s will also show that many many fan boys and fan girls will agree this was fantastic!

Nothing better then a gal that can hold her own and Carter is far better than that. She is at least 2 steps ahead of her  not so co coworkers . . .aka stereotypical men somewhat similar to the boys on mad men but with even less class  ( on the surface mind you). She also is one tough cookie handling many diffrent thugs and would be attackers with no help nor saving required. Though a few close shaves facilated due to the help of Jarvis.  YES THAT JARVIS, except a living breathing one, who is more Alfred the butler who used to be spy for the govt. then a simple butler serving tea though he is a tad out of his depth.

So mix all this together with a solid premiere with a good story fantastic sets and costumes ( I also love the hat) snapy dialogue and only 1 just 1 one liner.

I’m hooked and will not miss an episode hopefully it will be this strong for the next 7 weeks.

This is exactly what is needed to get the ball rolling faster and stronger for more female superhero lead stuff!

Full a full review check out my Superhero Girls section!