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Hump day – better late than never- Bat dance?



hello Universe, Facebook Folks , Pinterest Pals, & world of cosplay buddies.

Well its hump day – still by only about 20 min but its been a long day at Grad school so bare with me



these are great enjoy!





Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals, and World Of Cosplay Buddies


Well this one is just superfun its a parody of Taylor Swifts Bad Blood staring THE BATMAN!


How about Zombie Night at the Villain Pub!


Ahhhh good stuff!

Now lets bring it down and get a little heavy

Hump Day


Hello Universe , Facebook folks, Pinterest pals and World of Cosplay Buddies,

These are so cute and are funny its a great reinterpretation of some of the best female Dc Characters

DC Superhero Girls  This is the link for episoude 6 its another Harley one!


Speaking of Harley here is a supervillian pub about the new look of the joker hahahaha love it








Cosplay Sat. Harley Quinn – choosing the right hammer


one of my fav versions of her costume do you agree?

Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and Cosplay World buddies,

I LOVE HARLEY QUINN. I am sure almost all of you agree , if you dont what is the matter with you! ūüėČ

So I was at hottopic this week and was looking at some of there costume pieces for Halloween – AKA checking out the competition for my props

I saw several things but one item in particular stuck out. Harleys Hammer- Its inflatable.

    SEE its also tiny the hammer may only be about 15- 20 inches long so barely more than a ruler.

My question is this we say cosplay is for everybody and we should never judge a persons costume or props but is there a line for that?

I would never EVER dis someones cosplay or props ever, but in my mind when I saw this I though OH COME ON!!!!! you can do better than that at least make it the proper proportions.

But lets remember fellow cosplayers this is a HALLOWEEN prop its not like the hammer you would see in my cosplay section of the store.

So what do you think, when is it ok to go cheap and easy and when is it not?

Now just to be the devils advocate they had Harleys pop gun its also inflatable. Safety and security at a con are important this will obviously pass. But also since its inflatable its extremely easy to pack seeing as it will become flat.


So when is it ok to go for just cute and easy?









best hump day ever!

Well I saw this and thought thats cute I hope they do the entire thing ; Frozen / Harley Quinn




Dead Robin thanks to Joker in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Batman v Superman SDCC trailer 1

Yes this is a real pic and yes it was in the trailer which just debuted. We have all been talking about the universe that will be created with this new film. We its obviously not a NEW universe like marvel made , this universe has been around.

The killing of robin is a major event in the comics and clearly will have an impact on these films – the cameo of batman in suicide squad should be plenty full of anger and mayhem.

Also the destruction of Wayne Finical building as part of the Superman Zod metropolis fight gives all the reason Bruce and Batman need to Hate Superman. Was it his fault . . . no But Zod showed up because of it- an entire building of bruce’s people died . . . its his 9/11 your not going to just let it go . . . .

Nolan was so awesome as were his movies and they always will be, I don’t think it will be fair to compare the 2 to each other. TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD . Keep that in mind.

So Check out the Brand New ComicCon Trailer  and yes look for robins suit . . .





OK 1st off it looks like rabbit man and WHAT THE HELL superman loses his suit and Lois of all people reveals who he is!?!?!?!


So basically you took new 52 which was pretty successful and for the most part liked: you decided to do anything, and it all can be part of the cannon and any crazy idea is A OK . … .

Line them up and get in line behind me to bitch slap them all.

I UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF DOING OUT THERE AND DIFFERENT STUFF . I truly get it it, writers want to break new ground and tell different stories and go at things from different angles. OK I agree and get it BUT, that DOESN’T MEAN DOING SOMETHING STUPID AND WRECKING ALL THE TITLES. ¬†I loved new 52 batman. I loved what they did with superman and generally liked what they were doing with the other characters. But we only got that for 2 years.

Court of owls changed everything, they did the ridler in an awesome way. Explanations for sups super suit and reboots of justice league. Wonderwoman was awesome. It just seems like to me they decide to fix what wasn’t broke.

I remember and many of us do and LOVED “else worlds” You wanna do Gordon in his “rabbit man suit” make it an else worlds tittle and a new book. You want louis to rat out superman – make it else worlds. You wanna do stories from different earths GO FOR IT . . . . . ¬†in else worlds.

You want dick grayson to be batman or go to the future and have Damian be Batman I’M ALL FOR IT but do it in else worlds.

Why do something to turn away the viewers of your major titles just to tell different stories? I want my new 52 batman and major characters back. Do what ever you want with the characters in else worlds and make them the new titles I’m down with that . . . . . . ¬†BUT LEAVE MY BATMAN AND SUPERMAN ALONE!

For christ sake Batman just died what 3 years ago and his return story was basically elseworlds – batman the pirate – groan.

To me this is all a stunt and a poorly conceived way to shake things up. BY ALL MEANS SHAKE IT UP but don’t fix what aint broke and don’t take away my batman so quickly after we just got him back.


sorry had to rant.

Its not good when you gotta depend on the movies and not the comics to get your dose of your fav. Characters.