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Hump Day Deadpool fun


Hi Universe , Facebook folks, Pinterest Pals, World of Cosplay buddies,

Well since deadpool comes out on Friday lets have some fun!

Break it down now



Hump Day



Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and World of Cosplay Buddies,

Sadly after a very very nice fall off from class I must sadly return DAMMMMMMMNNNNN IT!  ugh college and grad school is just continued torture


Enjoy these fellow back to schoolers and laugh at our misery.  Also I AM NOT BUYING YOUR $60 FING BOOK


Revenge of HUMP DAY – hump day the sequel

Hi Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well after a hiatus due to the awesomeness of Colossal Con Hump Day has returned- Need I say more? No

Let the shenanigans ensue,

Jurassic World ROCKED I cant wait to see it again so in its massive dino blockbusting honor Enjoy

more you say? why yes sir I’ll have another

FUN FACT I ALSO CANT WHISTLE Does that make me and Chris Pratt’s brothers? HELL YES!!!!

Cosplay Sat. – Euro and Asian Sizes – – – Learn the Hard Way

Hello Universe , Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,


Well its less than a week until Colossal Con and I just learned my lesson with ordering stuff not made in the good Ol U.S.A

Sizes are not what they appear to be. They may say they fit true to size but let me tell ya folks they is a lie en.

I order an awesome tail coat and  from Prague apparently and a Blazer from China. Neither one fit and were too tight.

So I would make this blanket statement if its not made in the 50 states go 2 sizes up you can always tailor it down but you cant tailor it up.

So here is your cosplay Sat. question what cosplay item did you blow ordering the right size on?