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Hump Day Cute Halloween vids



Well its that time again lets have some funny Halloween Shenanigans!! These are just plain Cute Enjoy!


Hump Day – Dracula


Well Universe , Facebook Folks, Pinterest pals, and Cosplay World Buddies, I’m off tonight to go see Dracula @ Weathervane Playhouse. Its a different version than the original. I,  in my undergrad days was Jonathan Harker,  so I got to win the girl in the end. So I got a soft spot for this one. Plus nearly Halloween season so its perfect, but did you know there are funny versions of Dracula . . . enjoy!

My Fav funny version “Dracula Dead and Loving It”

Let me tell you folks if you wanna laugh your ass off watch this movie!


“Love @ first Bite” just totaly goofy

I’M BACK!!!!!!!! Cosplay SAT.

Hello Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Ok its post convention time. Its a sadd time unless you got the mad cash your not going to another con for awhile. You gotta clean and put away your much obsessed  over cosplay and if like me start planing for the next big one to debut next year.

Its a sickness I know I’m taking pills dont worry

So how do you judge what to do next? Do you go by what you saw at the con? Do you go by which class level you wanna compete in at the con?

Question is How do you choose what to do next?

 1fd35cf1844a94d20ec0c9ae2740fde2Boom !

Doing amour next!

Super Monday Poll

Hi Universe and Facebook folks!

Well are you ready for the latest polls? Sound the call to battle  . . . er kinda?!?!  here they are




Oscar Snub Dracula untold for Costumes


Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,


UGHHH    come on! I’m not exactly thrilled with the oscars nominations 3/4 of it I never saw. But I am not happy yet not surprised that the one category I really was hoping for  was let down. Costuming.

I know most of you probably weren’t thrilled with Dracula untold. Thats your opinion I loved it, thats my opinion. However I think we all could agree the costumes in that film were stunning. The details were beautiful, the colors fantastic, the fabric patterns were rich with detail. Dracula’s Dragon Armor  NERDGASM!


Everything including the peasants looked FANTASTIC.


I think this was a major snub and should have been nominated.  Maleficent got nominated for costumes and they were great for sure but these were more diverse and more detailed.