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Cosplay Sat. How to make money as a cosplayer


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals, and World of Cosplay Buddies

So I eventually want to host my own con and than I saw this video today.

I know many of us, me included, are trying to make some sort of living off of our cosplays and related items. So my question is this, this circle she mentions how would you think that would work?

What would be more profitable us making our own con or working solo? A con hosted by us and vendored ( made that word up) by us;or us continuing to go to cons all over the place? What do you guys think would make us most successful? What would be required? Feel free to go crazy




Cosplay Going Main Stream – It is OUR time now!

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It has been a theory of mine that we are in a New Golden Age of Superhero’s.   The supreme success of 90% or more of the recent comic-book inspired films and TV shows supports this. Millions of viewers and record breaking openings of these season and films show that this is the time of superhero’s a new. But what does this mean for Cosplay?

It is my opinion that there have been some signs that Cosplay is going main stream and no long considered nerdy and geek only fare.

  1. Big Hero 6 – Made a fortune for Disney and the film was a mashup of american and Japanese comic culture showing a young generation a gateway into anima and specifically dressing up like superhero’s
  2. The return of Hero’s – Hero’s Reborn specifically mentioning cosplay in regards to Katana Girl
  3. Talking Dead the talk show about this weeks Walking Dead show. Also Walking Dead #1 cable show- Now on talking dead a weekly feature showing of not just fan art but fan COSPLAY of the characters from the show.
  4. YaYa Han Is bringing here own line of cosplay fabric to JoAnn Fabric Spring 2016 – nationwide every joanns will now feature a cosplay section. This news is HUGE a major retailer like Joanns making this pairing now means that they believe that the items will move and sell well and continue to do so lest they not have her to begin with.
  5. The increase in the yearly attendance to San Diego Comic Con and all of the major networks on tv and movie studios having pannels to announce new shows and films means they know where there demographic is and where the buzz will be to reach these people – Comic Con
  6. Local Big conventions having major increases in the traffic and attendance of there convention both comic and anima, or other group. A majority of those attending are participating in cosplay to some degree.
  7. The influx of new superhero tv shows on multiple networks and even on non networks like Netflix- These are major companies banking on the contuing success of the superhero and as such seeing it as a major market  AKA mainstream – I’ve seen a lot of commision requests for the new Daredevil Suit-

When you add all these things together and also look at the major film slate between now and 2020 its all hero’s. Its all for those who love Hero’s. Its a group who is no longer a niche its a majority.  Conventions are cool now. Cosplay is not dorky its also cool now. I MEAN COME ON FOLKS WHEN BEYONCE IS DRESSING UP LIKE STORM FROM THE COMICS FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY-  Yeah its mainstream baby!!!!


#8 BOOM Beyonce as Storm ( a solid storm too, respect)



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Superhero Monday


Hello universe , facebook folks and pinterest pals,

Well man did we have a big weekend comic con! If only it got the coverage like a presidential election did!!!! Well I wish I had been there its #1 on my bucket list.

So we all I am sure have watched the grainy footage of all the leaked trailers and have been disecting every second of the new Batman Superman trailer so lets vote on them all shal we?

Honestly this is a tough call I mean my nerd brain exploded and that was just over the 1st trailer.

Polls bellow


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Dead Robin thanks to Joker in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Batman v Superman SDCC trailer 1

Yes this is a real pic and yes it was in the trailer which just debuted. We have all been talking about the universe that will be created with this new film. We its obviously not a NEW universe like marvel made , this universe has been around.

The killing of robin is a major event in the comics and clearly will have an impact on these films – the cameo of batman in suicide squad should be plenty full of anger and mayhem.

Also the destruction of Wayne Finical building as part of the Superman Zod metropolis fight gives all the reason Bruce and Batman need to Hate Superman. Was it his fault . . . no But Zod showed up because of it- an entire building of bruce’s people died . . . its his 9/11 your not going to just let it go . . . .

Nolan was so awesome as were his movies and they always will be, I don’t think it will be fair to compare the 2 to each other. TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD . Keep that in mind.

So Check out the Brand New ComicCon Trailer  and yes look for robins suit . . .


Superhero Monday

Hello Universe , Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well its that time again so lets get to the polls!

Since comic con San Diego Comic con THE MEKA of comicdom is fastly approaching I thought this would fit.

Rumor is the next Batman VS. Superman trailer will premiere so this weeks polls are all about those 2 heavy hitters!