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Cosplay Sat.



Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pintrest Pals and World of cosplay buddies,

This weeks question is a simple one.

Do you think that the masquerade or cosplay contest held during a con should be only anima and manga based or also Western characters?  

Some cons are all anime, some are all U.S. comics but should they be separate? 


I’M BACK!!!!!!!! Cosplay SAT.

Hello Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Ok its post convention time. Its a sadd time unless you got the mad cash your not going to another con for awhile. You gotta clean and put away your much obsessed  over cosplay and if like me start planing for the next big one to debut next year.

Its a sickness I know I’m taking pills dont worry

So how do you judge what to do next? Do you go by what you saw at the con? Do you go by which class level you wanna compete in at the con?

Question is How do you choose what to do next?

 1fd35cf1844a94d20ec0c9ae2740fde2Boom !

Doing amour next!