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Drake Enterprises Logo’s

 Update New Logo’s 7/29/15

rentals                           closet


Black & White

blk wht theatre rental                              blk wht workshop

Again Sean Forney took my sketches and made these fantastic division logo’s for Drake Enterprises. 

UPDATE 4/8/15

Ok here they are the new updated Drake logo and the 1st 3 drake division logos

New Logo 2   LOGO

notice the shorter tail and the gold on it, as well as the brighter and bigger gold eye

Also the size difference the new one is much bigger than the original which makes it much clearer when shrunk down digitally.

These logos are just the 1st half Check back in May to see the next 2!!!!

A huge thank you to sean forney who took my crappy sketches and made these!

Seans Work Pics

JPGconsulting  Drake Consulting Ventures

jpgtheatrestoreDrake Theatrical Shop

jpgtheatreDrake Theatrical




A business needs a good logo. My business (Drake Enterprises)  will eventually consist of 6 different branches that all work together so that means 6 logo’s

I have commissioned and received the 1st 3 and they are a beauty to behold I’ll be updating this page to show you the process from idea to pencil and then ink and finished color work.

These beautiful logo’s were created by a very talented artist Sean Forney

Check out his face book to see more of his work:


UPDATE 12/31/2014 

Well lets start out the new year right shall we! Here is the final full color Logo’s

I can not speak any more Highly of Sean Forney His work is fantastic please go check out his other work and his own comic book here:

He really got it right especially with the colors there spot on from the company logo which I created that has a dragon thats impressive in its own right.





Drake Theatrical




Its hard to pick a favorite for me this is like pick which child is my fav ( I dont have kids) but I gotta say this is mine!

I love the detail on the skull and the fingers


Drake Theatre Shop




I love the little details that he just nailed like the techie pocket knife and the sheet music notes, notice the phantom of the opera mask on the ipod. I also might mention yeah how cool is Drake The Dragon in Chuck Taylors!



Drake Consulting Ventures



There is something to be said for stong simple images I love the colored “work” panels above the desk it just works and you get the sense that he’s been doing other work its wonderful THANKS SEAN!

Again check out the hand detail tHATS HARD!!!!!










UPDATE 12/20

Hi universe well lets put up the next step in the quest to get awesome logo’s.  Again awesome work From Sean Forney.

These are the inked version so they are the black and white finished logo’s

theatre ink sketch









UPDATE 12/11

Hi universe  here are the logo’s iteration 2 These are now more detailed and full pencil renditions

Now I have a very specific dragon for my company and Sean made him look just great and uniform across all logo’s

Looks good doesn’t it!


The Shakespearean garb is coming along , you might recognize it from Shakespeare in love bc that’s the sample pic i sent to Sean





I just love the attention to detail Sean has I mentioned a logo on the Ipod and there it is and its Phantom how cool is that!!!



Sean was very attentive to my requests and added in the rolled up cuff which is the only way to wear a dress shirt if you ask me!




So without further ado here are the initial sketches




Drake Consulting Ventures




Drake Theatre Store










Drake Theatre




These were created off details and rough sketches as well as pictures sent to Sean

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