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Dragon Decor @ Drake Enterprises Headquarters



Red dragon on a cliff

Dragon Decor

Hi Universe,

Well I have to thank  Wallcat    @    for giving me the idea to put up this new page.  Check out her blog its pretty cool.

What this page is about is the decor in the Drake Enterprises Headquarters. Many of you may remember the contest to count the number of X’s in the X-men movie either the 1st or second one I cant remember which.  Well this is almost the same thing but instead of X’s can you count the # of Dragons?

So here are some ( and I’m sure I’ll find more ) that I will have spread all over the interior and some exterior of the Headquarters.

Speaking of Headquarters Check out my page :

“The Workshop” Cosplay & Theatre Fabrication Studio

To see the floor plan for the building  and eventually the individual floor plans for the shops!


dragoncandle dragoncandle2

This is a candle that projects the dragon on a nearby wall, perhaps in my office?


dragon candle3

This can hold candles and is wall mountable so that could end up almost anywhere perhaps 2 will be by the doors to the restrooms with Yankee Candles  that have my logo on them  ( yes you can do that) so it smells nice and not like bleach.


dragon wall


Now this guy is badass and can be in diffrent sizes This may end up in the entry area or perhaps another highly visible area


il_570xN.189124814 il_570xN.189124815

This metal work is for sure going on the polls in the parking lot were the handicapped parking is and also specific posts for reserved spots for staff



This is going into the shop and may hang over the saftey tablesaw  casting its shadow on it! ohhhh

Or on the door out of the shop both prominent spots




These are just fun and may end up on the inside of stall doors in the bathroom in a Plexiglas frame ( reading material)

  hahahahah yeah in there


dragon throne2     Speaking of the can   uhh huh its for real a tp holder

Am I getting goofy now sure but what the hell do I care, I want you to remember going to my place and this  . . . . well the place could be remembered for worse hahahaha


Since we are in the bathroom

Oil-Rubbed-Bronze-Dragon-Shape-Bath-Basin-Faucet-Double-Handles-Sink-Mixer-Tap  yes it is a oil rubbed bronze facet



Well lets leave one throne and go to the next

I just found this and since I’m the big boss man I get any desk I want right!

Well here it is a dragon desk and dragon throne chair that matches.


(Honestly though both look pretty uncomfortable and I already have a fantastic desk chair so these thrones may just be for show during a big meeting)

I also have a very modern metal and glass desk and drafting table picked out so that is where I’ll actually be working for long hrs.


Here is another one.  This one may end up being a display window piece or a photo opportunity inside

EXCEPT,  with a dragon table not a gargoyle one

 ahhhh much better


Since were talking about tables this guy will end up in between the couches and love seats in the sitting areas


Ok these are the couches and love seats in-between these tables and vice a versa

Ashley/Benchcraft Masoli - Cobblestone Faux Leather/Fabric Sofa with Loose Back Pillows

Both though will have red and gold pillows to brighten up the areas and these pieces

Ashley/Benchcraft Masoli - Cobblestone Faux Leather/Fabric Loveseat with Loose Back Pillows

This guy maybe were we have the programs stacked as you go into the theatre inbetween the 2 doors

its 31″ high so it would be just right and its about 10″ deep so just right for a traditional program


Now this is not a dragon but it will be on both doors into the theatre Its my absolute favorite decor item

comedytragedy door


Now this guy will light the backdoor outside and be a easy way for delivery truck drivers to go to the right spot and the correct door

il_570xN.460403165_nqdl Speaking of outdoors My windows will have some of these fake and eeventuallywhen I’m ACTUALLY MAKING A STEADY AMOUNT of $  REAL stained glass window art


Keys get lost easily in a large space this dragon key holder should cut down on that

il_570xN.483310024_ih6r il_570xN.483348241_42h5 il_570xN.483348307_bohg

Now this guy could end up anywhere and may end up holding a set of keys on a large hoop as well



These guys are paper belive it or not and may fly across one of the interior walls in the theatre were the audience sits



This guy is going to be over my office door for sure and maybe  more as well  inside, and should be, its beautiful








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