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Rentable Cosplay Costumes


Ok here are some of the costumes that I will have purchased to add to my back stock of cosplay Outfits. These are key items that I want but do not have the time to devote a “from scratch” project.

Now those not made by me will have the workshopaproved Workshop Approved Embroidered on the cuff.

Now keep in mind these costumes are not  my handmade ones in The Workshop. Many are great just the way they are and others are not perfect and some modification will be needed, for instance:

bio 2 bio


This is a solid looking costume and most of CosplaySky’s items are among the best BUT the lack of a real corset top does not work for me and is not workshopaproved . Therefore I will work with this piece to have a proper corset bodice attached.


Or another example is: From a distance this is ok but up close nope doesn’t make the  workshopaproved.

creed 3

So the metal armor will be done with warbla or L200 foam to make it look like plate instead of fabric.


So Keep this in mind folks the costumes that I dont make from scratch are going to be altered and tweaked and re done if need be to earn the  workshopaproved“Workshop Approved” Logo cuff.


So Take a look at some of the costumes that I will be using as my back stock. More will be added soon!

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The pictures bellow show a plethora of characters. These Characters costumes will be either built in THE WORKSHOP or purchased for THE WORKSHOP.

We have high standards for all of our work and choosing to purchase  starter costumes is not something I like but I cant make 30+ costumes all at one time.


The costumes that are bought are not going to be your $30 felt piece of junk from xyz Halloween shop  OHHHHH NOOOOO not under my roof. These costumes will be highly detailed convention cosplay quality and average between $100 -$400 dollars.

The way to tell the difference is quite simple. Their will be a small logo on the cuff of the costume probably embroidered so it looks nice and is small and not noticeable. Nike has the swoosh I got my own symbol too! Finding the correct font took some time I really like the Workshop Made symbol looks slick!

Type 1 Workshop Made: this costume was created in the workshop and has over 90% of the costume and its props custom made


Type 2 Workshop Approved: This costume was fabricated by another studio other then The Workshop but 10-20% was completed in The Workshopworkshopaproved

Now here is a gallery of costumes to be made more will be added as time goes by so keep checking back and look out for my update posts about it.


He shouts to the winds hoping for a response, I’ll add your pics to the gallery and plug your blog for the trouble!

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