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UPDATE Colossal Con 2015

Due to space limitations I will be taking down some of the past conventions

Colossalcon 11

What a fantastic Experience fun and also great for Drake Enterprises There are close to 600 pics to look at so keep checking back to see them all. I was lucky and got a photographers pass this year( more about that later) but it allowed me more access.

So There will be galleries from: The convention Floor, Cosplays, Swimsuit Cosplay, The In character Contest and Outside crowds


Lets start with the Cosplay Swim Suits! There were twice as many this year!


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In Character Contest

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Chalk Twins 

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Update 2015 ZipCon

Feb 21st

Hi Universe well I went to and actually worked Security at The University of Akron’s Zipcon. I had a lot of fun and had unrestricted access everywhere thanks to my security sticker badge. I think next year though I want to add to my outfit a British police hat!

 How awesome would this be!!!


I had a red blinking light though so I looked very official with the clubs t-shirt on.

So check out the pics from the Event the 1st Con of 2015 for me.



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Updates Nyancon and Akron Comic Con


Hi Universe well thanks to Grad school I never had time to post the pictures of these 2 conventions. I’d have to say I liked Nyancon better the the Akron Comic Convention

Akron felt more like a comic and card show then a convention  . . . this is mostly due to the lack of panels and gaming so all you could do was buy stuff and say hi to the artists.

None the Less here are the pics!

Akron Comic Con Nov 7-8 2014


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nyacon 2

Nyancon October 11 2014

This is the first time going to Nyancon at Lakeland community college and I had a lot of fun. They had panels in the classrooms running the entire day as well as a dedicated dealers area and dj in the middle. I will definitely go to this again it was alot of fun.

I also got  pulled into a group and those that I went on stage with got an award Had I met them earlier and we actually signed up together I would have as well 😦  . . .you live and learn right.

Here are the pics and there are alot of them because I stayed fro nearly 11 hrs



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June 2014 sooooooooooo awesome

Ok Here is the Video Of Vic Mignogna Talking about Voice acting and Acting,  Stand and applaud Actors and Cosplayers that are in character,  this is for you!!!

p.s. I had to upload it to YouTube and then change the format so it wasn’t easy thought you should know


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Now check this out this is a video of The Chalk Twins, they are chalk mural artists. The work is just crazy good Bellow they are finishing the Kill La Kill Mural







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