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Hump day – better late than never- Bat dance?



hello Universe, Facebook Folks , Pinterest Pals, & world of cosplay buddies.

Well its hump day – still by only about 20 min but its been a long day at Grad school so bare with me



these are great enjoy!


400th post!!!!!!

400th post

Pop the champagne we have reached our 400th post ! I cant believe there have been that many in just over a year and a 1/2 !

That’s a lot of things to chat about! I hope that as we move forward that more of you will chime in and we will continue to gain new fans.

Here’s to another 400!!!

Website goes Live!!!!!


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and Pinterest People,


Its time!  this is it!  It took us a year to go from a blank page to what you will see now from knowing nothing to feeling like you should be paid as a webdesigner!

Our Website has Officially gone live!!!


I am so proud of all the work and also finally being able to show people the full scope of what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Please go to our sight and take a look!






Hump Day – “Dark Lord Funk”


Hi Universe Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

For this hump day lets  go to the harry potter universe , just discovered this and cant stop laughing and also its epicly awesome



A note about the importance of the Arts

Hi Universe,

Ok I must recommend the movie “About Time” its a rom com that eventually touches on so life issues its great perhaps about 10 min to long but this is not a review.

What this is , is about a song from Ben folds 5 “I am the luckiest” its at the end of the movie. I didn’t at first recognize it but then I did. It was a song that was on a cd that my first real love and broken heart gave me. The song immediately triggered memories and a bittersweet smile.

Music is so very important, it takes us places helps us when we are low is the soundtrack to many moments and helps us rock out.

The arts in school is constantly being cut. Theatre, choir, band, it’s usually the 1st thing to go in a district that is running out of money. How can we let this happen when we can be moved so emotionally by something as simple as a song.

Most of the successful artist talk about how the arts in school changed them and was what made them do what they are now famous for doing. 

We should remember this when we vote down a levy for a school district. Think about what we are really doing. That song at the end of About time may not have been made and I would not have had that bittersweet smile, nor had received it from her in the first place.

So people support the arts its more important then you think.

End of Sermon

Jason Drake