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400th post!!!!!!

400th post

Pop the champagne we have reached our 400th post ! I cant believe there have been that many in just over a year and a 1/2 !

That’s a lot of things to chat about! I hope that as we move forward that more of you will chime in and we will continue to gain new fans.

Here’s to another 400!!!


Go Fund Me Campaign Goes Live

Happy Halloween!

Our Go Fund me Campaign goes live today!

gofund me

It took a month to get it right but today is the big day we go live!!!

Please check out the campaign and donate !

We are trying to help School Theatre Programs and Cosplayers in Ohio by offering them quality props, sets, and costume pieces for cheap and more affordable prices. Doing so, well help these school programs be more affordable and less likely to be cut. By fostering our cosplayer community, we give more opportunities for fan boys and girls to participate in conventions and wear costumes that they could never have afforded to make themselves.

No one should be denied the ability to take part in either of these communities due to high costs, we aim to fix that!

But we can not do it alone. We need your help and support so that we can acquire the tools and the materials we need to begin fabrication. We can than start to offer these 2 groups a new alternative and some relief from the high costs and monopolies on services.

Thank you and please donate

Jason Drake



Horror in October- Horrible Friday


Hello Universe Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and World Cosplay Buddies,


Ok sometimes you know a movie is gonna be what I call a popcorn flick. You know its not going to be great but you dont care you just want to go and escape and eat popcorn. Last Witch Hunter is one of those films . We all know its not Shakespeare but were going to see Vin Diesel beat up stuff with swords. Now I would not pay full price on a Friday night. But on Wed. when its $5 here hell yes.


But its Halloween folks and why not see a movie about ancient evil badass witches and monsters.



Ok this next one is a redband trailer so be warned there is lang and nudity.

I gotta say Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse looks hilarious

Again this is not gonna be a classic by any-means but again popcorn movie ? You betcha


Witches and zombies and monsters oh my! this should keep you busy as we get closer to halloween Witch hunter came out last night and Zombie comes out next week!


Website goes Live!!!!!


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and Pinterest People,


Its time!  this is it!  It took us a year to go from a blank page to what you will see now from knowing nothing to feeling like you should be paid as a webdesigner!

Our Website has Officially gone live!!!


I am so proud of all the work and also finally being able to show people the full scope of what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Please go to our sight and take a look!






Horror Friday- a re-release you cant miss


Hello Universe,Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals

next week is another big weekend for horror movies so check these 2 out one new and one a classic!


Halloween re release!!!


Paranormal Ghost dimension – actually see the ghosts for once.   Cool but its no Halloween


So any guess as to what I’ll be going to . . . . old school!



Hump Day Cute Halloween vids



Well its that time again lets have some funny Halloween Shenanigans!! These are just plain Cute Enjoy!


Sleep with your lights on- Upcoming Halloween Moives



Well its that time of the year again ughhh I love it HORROR MOVIE SEASON! Next week 2 will be coming out that I want to see Crimson Peek  and Goosebumps.

Now Crimson Peak is an old school tension building horror movie that doesn’t look like it will relies heavily on jump scares which is awesome. I love old school tension building and this fits the bill



Than these is Goosebumps I read alot of these little boks when I was a kind and the made me jump so this is great a through back to that time and its got Jack black in it too so what can go wrong?

So stay tuned there will be more movies to try to see as we get closer to the best day of the year HALLOWEEN!!!!