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400th post!!!!!!

400th post

Pop the champagne we have reached our 400th post ! I cant believe there have been that many in just over a year and a 1/2 !

That’s a lot of things to chat about! I hope that as we move forward that more of you will chime in and we will continue to gain new fans.

Here’s to another 400!!!


Website goes Live!!!!!


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and Pinterest People,


Its time!  this is it!  It took us a year to go from a blank page to what you will see now from knowing nothing to feeling like you should be paid as a webdesigner!

Our Website has Officially gone live!!!


I am so proud of all the work and also finally being able to show people the full scope of what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Please go to our sight and take a look!





Hump Day – Agents of Shield and Peggy Carter



I love it when celebrities do things for charity especially in costume or very funny stuff well do I have a hump day for you than!


Miss Piggy – whaaaaaaat? Go to 16 of 16

OMG wrecking ball and coleson in short shorts hahahahhha epic


They have completed round 1 and part of round 2 so check back here for more fun :


Super Hero Girls Section UPDATES!!!!!!

Well a lot has happened check out our Super Hero Girls page for all the details

agent-carter s2 poster top Agent Carter News

 Girl Gamers are biggest demographic now!  aka GIRLS RULE THE GAMING WORLD!!!

Jessica Jones (2015) Poster  Netflix has released the teaser trailer


Super Hero Monday Lord of the Rings Verse Harry Potter

2013te-cocuklar-fantastik-edebiyat-okudu_4689_1390416925 lordoftheringstrilogy

Hello Universe Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Ok this should be a good old fashioned slug fest which universe is cooler or better I love them both so I  dont know who to pick

Super Hero Monday

Hello Universe Facebook folks and Pinterest Pals,


Sorry I have missed a few of these and thats due to final exams and a death in the family.

So today I am making sure not to miss.

Many of you I am sure either know about or have heard rumors that Attack On Titan is coming here to the states the full live bigscreen adaption. sEPT 30TH AND OCT 18TH i think

I have talked about its importance previously.

So this weeks poll will be about the show and the characters enjoy!


Summer Movie Friday – The Final Chapter –


Well this is it folks the finally week of Aug. is next week that means this will be the Last Summer Movie Friday till next year.

Well I was supposed to be writing up Hitman Agent 47 but apparently that actually opened yesterday I dont know how I got the date wrong or if it was moved up but I missed it. So enjoy this is the 2nd trailer and it looks awesome



So since that was my last one I had to find another and it is NO ESCAPE. This is the movie about Owen Wilson and his family caught in the middle of a uprising. What would you do as a mom or a dad to save your family . . .anything, that makes for a damn good story I think. It looks great and frankly a god caper for this series of posts so check it out


Well its been a lot of fun actually I hope you all have seen a lot of movies, here is a preview of 2 I am looking forward to in the fall

Cooties – oh yeah we all as kids would run around the playground taunting eachother but cooties = ZOMBIES . i love it

Tom Hardy playing twin brother gangsters oh yeah very cool

View image on Twitter

Now I gotta end with this one I am looking forward to it in October, THIS IS AN OLD SCHOOL tense horror movie and it even has Loki – Tom Hiddleston in it what more could you want?!?!?!!

I’m sure other cool movies will be mentioned to look foward to here and there I mean come on I gotta post about Starwars in dec right.

Till next time!