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Cosplay Sat. How to make money as a cosplayer


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals, and World of Cosplay Buddies

So I eventually want to host my own con and than I saw this video today.

I know many of us, me included, are trying to make some sort of living off of our cosplays and related items. So my question is this, this circle she mentions how would you think that would work?

What would be more profitable us making our own con or working solo? A con hosted by us and vendored ( made that word up) by us;or us continuing to go to cons all over the place? What do you guys think would make us most successful? What would be required? Feel free to go crazy



400th post!!!!!!

400th post

Pop the champagne we have reached our 400th post ! I cant believe there have been that many in just over a year and a 1/2 !

That’s a lot of things to chat about! I hope that as we move forward that more of you will chime in and we will continue to gain new fans.

Here’s to another 400!!!

Go Fund Me Campaign Goes Live

Happy Halloween!

Our Go Fund me Campaign goes live today!

gofund me

It took a month to get it right but today is the big day we go live!!!

Please check out the campaign and donate !

We are trying to help School Theatre Programs and Cosplayers in Ohio by offering them quality props, sets, and costume pieces for cheap and more affordable prices. Doing so, well help these school programs be more affordable and less likely to be cut. By fostering our cosplayer community, we give more opportunities for fan boys and girls to participate in conventions and wear costumes that they could never have afforded to make themselves.

No one should be denied the ability to take part in either of these communities due to high costs, we aim to fix that!

But we can not do it alone. We need your help and support so that we can acquire the tools and the materials we need to begin fabrication. We can than start to offer these 2 groups a new alternative and some relief from the high costs and monopolies on services.

Thank you and please donate

Jason Drake




Website goes Live!!!!!


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and Pinterest People,


Its time!  this is it!  It took us a year to go from a blank page to what you will see now from knowing nothing to feeling like you should be paid as a webdesigner!

Our Website has Officially gone live!!!


I am so proud of all the work and also finally being able to show people the full scope of what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Please go to our sight and take a look!







IMG_0026 nyacon2015-


were #1 were #1!!!!!

I attended and competed at Nyancon. First off this is a great little con that I have been to 2 years in a row now and have enjoyed it immensely. If you have a chance to go to it I recommend it!

This year all that hard work from jan. till may on this particular character has earned me a win. Captain Barbossa and Jack the Monkey won the novice division cosplay contest!

So far this particular costume has only competed twice and has won once, I am hoping to gain more wins and more feedback from the judges as I continue to enter this into the remaining conventions in the winter.

I also thankfully remembered jacks sqwack box so he did in fact talk to the judges, and random cosplayers in the halls! Sadly my speaker playing a Pirates of the Caribbean playlist broke but it was only a $3 speaker and it lasted for 2 cons so i think its ok.

I actually won a cash prize for this so I was thrilled,  a little extra money in your pocket out of nowhere is always awesome!

Nyancon award


Follow us on World Cosplay and Facebook

Hello Universe Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

If you havent noticed there are some spiffy new links that are on our pages that will take you straight to Pinterest, Facebook and World Cosplay so if you want to see more and get twice the content check out these links on our home page!

Facebook_Badge  01




Cosplay Sat. Attack on Titan U.S. release

Well for us here in the U.S. we have great news and that is the release date for Attack on Titan the live action film is Sept. 30th for part 1 and part 2 will be in the end of October. This is great news I know a lot of us are waiting to see it.

This film is extremely important to us fanboys and fangirls because this movie doing well is the key to all of our anima and manga fandoms going main stream.

Now thanks to the superhero movies comics at least U.S. type are mainstream now which is awesome for all of us we get more content and more stuff to view or buy etc etc.

However Manga and anima is not at the same level of popularity as its U.S. counterpart so this movie needs to be a blockbuster.

We need and my business especially this film to break the ice with general audiences. It will not be the first step toward that though. Big hero 6 from Disney did that with its anima style characters and melding Sanfran and Japan together. The movie was a massive hit and in my mind the first introduction to these types of characters and style of storytelling.

I think we all want to have the kind of market and respect that superhero films have but with Japanese manga / anima content.

Drake Enterprises needs that to happen we are just starting with the shop and one of the items is the maneuverability gear form the anima. Having that and the cape could attract people to the store bc a new group are discovering the Titan verse. Timing is everything and this could be a major help increasing convention attendance and local desire to get these products.

So here is my question what version of the maneuverability gear and costume do you do The manga, the anima or the new movie?