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Belated Hump Day- What Princesses in Video Games actually think


Sorry Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and World of Cosplay Fans

Sometimes things just come up –

I saw this and couldn’t help but laugh.




Author: drakeca89

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5 thoughts on “Belated Hump Day- What Princesses in Video Games actually think

  1. Lol, yeah, bad guys are way more fun to be around. TBH, I haven’t played much of Zelda or Mario because the princess characters put me off. I’ve never been too keen on them, even when I was a kid watching Disney films.

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    • thats been my thought too try “Brave” from Disney first badass tough princess. It would be great if in the next few games you could play as princess peach. They let you play as female shepard in mass effect 3

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      • I prefer female Shepard in Mass Effect, but I like Jennifer Hale’s voice acting. Yeah, I love characters like her in Brave. My favourite Disney movie as a kid was Mulan; she seemed like a far more interesting role model to me.

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      • MULAN WAS GREAT !!!!! I loved it and one of the last ones Disney did that was hand drawn. Which is kinda sad I think.


      • Really, I didn’t know that. They don’t make them like they use to though. When Mulan first came out it didn’t seem to be very popular amongst my friends and I couldn’t understand why. I felt a little embarrassed to admit it was my fave, but it’s an awesome film.

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