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Horror in October- Horrible Friday


Hello Universe Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and World Cosplay Buddies,


Ok sometimes you know a movie is gonna be what I call a popcorn flick. You know its not going to be great but you dont care you just want to go and escape and eat popcorn. Last Witch Hunter is one of those films . We all know its not Shakespeare but were going to see Vin Diesel beat up stuff with swords. Now I would not pay full price on a Friday night. But on Wed. when its $5 here hell yes.


But its Halloween folks and why not see a movie about ancient evil badass witches and monsters.



Ok this next one is a redband trailer so be warned there is lang and nudity.

I gotta say Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse looks hilarious

Again this is not gonna be a classic by any-means but again popcorn movie ? You betcha


Witches and zombies and monsters oh my! this should keep you busy as we get closer to halloween Witch hunter came out last night and Zombie comes out next week!


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