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First Look at Marvel’s ‘Spider-Woman’ #1

First Look at Marvel’s ‘Spider-Woman’ #1

Source: First Look at Marvel’s ‘Spider-Woman’ #1


I’m all for more womenin comics and as the lead in there own titles but umm WHAT THE HELL ARE THE WRITERS THINKING! Ok she is going to be a mom , nothing wrong with that. But the way she is pictured she is due at any time! Its totally ludicrous that she would want to risk the life of her child by crime fighting. Now if the writers showed us some flashbacks of her taking on the responsibility of bearing a child and than the first issue she has her babay and now has to figure out ok now what I’m a mom now how do i crime fight and change diapers ok that I could get on board for but not how this is presented its just stupid. I know there nerds just like us but man dont they knowing anything about women and pregnancy ? I think this is a dumb idea or at least poorly thought out.  I’m all for her being a super mom but trying to do so when your due at any moment is just nuts.


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