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Sleep with your lights on- Upcoming Halloween Moives



Well its that time of the year again ughhh I love it HORROR MOVIE SEASON! Next week 2 will be coming out that I want to see Crimson Peek  and Goosebumps.

Now Crimson Peak is an old school tension building horror movie that doesn’t look like it will relies heavily on jump scares which is awesome. I love old school tension building and this fits the bill



Than these is Goosebumps I read alot of these little boks when I was a kind and the made me jump so this is great a through back to that time and its got Jack black in it too so what can go wrong?

So stay tuned there will be more movies to try to see as we get closer to the best day of the year HALLOWEEN!!!!




Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

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