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were #1 were #1!!!!!

I attended and competed at Nyancon. First off this is a great little con that I have been to 2 years in a row now and have enjoyed it immensely. If you have a chance to go to it I recommend it!

This year all that hard work from jan. till may on this particular character has earned me a win. Captain Barbossa and Jack the Monkey won the novice division cosplay contest!

So far this particular costume has only competed twice and has won once, I am hoping to gain more wins and more feedback from the judges as I continue to enter this into the remaining conventions in the winter.

I also thankfully remembered jacks sqwack box so he did in fact talk to the judges, and random cosplayers in the halls! Sadly my speaker playing a Pirates of the Caribbean playlist broke but it was only a $3 speaker and it lasted for 2 cons so i think its ok.

I actually won a cash prize for this so I was thrilled,  a little extra money in your pocket out of nowhere is always awesome!

Nyancon award


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