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SuperHero Monday Gotham Season 2

Well I waited until after Gotham on purpose and I’m glad I did makes for an easy poll.

So is it ok to do a little evil to do a greater good?  Bruce thought so which makes sense I mean Batman is a vigilante that beats the hell outta people every night you could look at it as he’s doing bad to clean up Gotham which is good.

But what about Gordon tonight ? He killed a guy. I say it was self-defense he was getting shot at. Plus the guy was a mobster so not a good guy. However that was after being a bag man for Penguin.

He got his job back and a good new commissioner . . . but he killed a guy, how much will that weigh on his conscience  . . .

So what is your opinion where do you fall ? Check out the Poll on our page!


Author: drakeca89

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