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Cosplay Sat. – Halloween Doth Come soon




Hello universe, facebook folks, pinterest pals, and world cosplay buddies,

Well if your like me you are totaly thrilled that most of the halloween stuff is out! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO better than christmas in my book.

But what party do you go to? What costume do you wear?

I cant stand 90% of the total shity poorly made costumes in the stores. Why is utra thin felt even an option to make anything other than a hat out of?

But many of the people who are not the initiated cosplayers such as us may not have any clue as to what your costume is. So like me your are planning now for the party – BUT WHAT DO YOU WEAR?

Thats the question for this week. Do you resurrect an old cosplay to go to the bash in? Do you make something new? Do you have a special “ball” costume- many of us who have gone to colossal con do- what do you wear?

This is my ball costume minus the ruffles-   But they marked up the ticket cost by $25 to the one I went last year to and thatis too expensive$75 to get in the door! So Chances are I’ll be going to only Halloweekends at Cedar Point this year and thats ok.



Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

3 thoughts on “Cosplay Sat. – Halloween Doth Come soon

  1. Okay first off that coat is fantastic. I’m a fan of fancy neckwear so bravo. Second, yes, Halloween costumes tend to be very poorly made, but I’ll admit I’ve bought them in the past. This year I’m attempting a Rarity from My Little Pony though so I bought an actual white dress and Yaya Han wig. It seems cosplay has spilled over into Halloween and why not? I’m a perfectionist so anything I do has to look good otherwise I scrap it. Thankfully I can always pull off a dark angel costume if my planned one falls through 🙂

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    • we all gotta have a go to mine ins vampire teeth and pointy elf ears so i can always if everything goes to hell be a vampire. I’m glad its spilling over its way beter for us coaplayers more options to get stuff and maybe for once not from japan or china

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  2. thanks I love the coat its so much fun to wear