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Summer Movie Friday – The Final Chapter –


Well this is it folks the finally week of Aug. is next week that means this will be the Last Summer Movie Friday till next year.

Well I was supposed to be writing up Hitman Agent 47 but apparently that actually opened yesterday I dont know how I got the date wrong or if it was moved up but I missed it. So enjoy this is the 2nd trailer and it looks awesome



So since that was my last one I had to find another and it is NO ESCAPE. This is the movie about Owen Wilson and his family caught in the middle of a uprising. What would you do as a mom or a dad to save your family . . .anything, that makes for a damn good story I think. It looks great and frankly a god caper for this series of posts so check it out


Well its been a lot of fun actually I hope you all have seen a lot of movies, here is a preview of 2 I am looking forward to in the fall

Cooties – oh yeah we all as kids would run around the playground taunting eachother but cooties = ZOMBIES . i love it

Tom Hardy playing twin brother gangsters oh yeah very cool

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Now I gotta end with this one I am looking forward to it in October, THIS IS AN OLD SCHOOL tense horror movie and it even has Loki – Tom Hiddleston in it what more could you want?!?!?!!

I’m sure other cool movies will be mentioned to look foward to here and there I mean come on I gotta post about Starwars in dec right.

Till next time!


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