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Summer Movie Friday



Well its starting to come down to the end lets face it when school starts its official fall again so we only have a few more weeks to go till its fall. I love fall but this summer has been a rainy one so I’m in no rush to get into cooler temps and usually less cool movies the stuff that’s more drama and less spectacle seems to be the norm in the fall so again I’m in no rush.

This week is Man from Uncle I’m not old enough to have watched the show that its based on but my parents are. I have the sneaking suspicion that this could be another A-Team where the movie was great but the 18-36 crowd never watched it bc we were to little so ticket sales not that great. Hopefully not it does look cool.


this looks cool and it kinda reminds me of X-men first class how they are showing the time period really well. It just looks fun to me. Hopefully its good .

By the way Henry Cavil is doing his best James Bond and little known fact he was one of the guys on the Short list to be Bond but Daniel Craig got it.


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