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New Comics Spotlight: DC Bombshells #1


New Comics Spotlight: DC Bombshells #1.

I am a fan of the prints but now a comic book I think this is great and the images are very positive as far as the costumes adn the figures of these female hero’s .

Great spotlight ArcaneHalloween!


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4 thoughts on “New Comics Spotlight: DC Bombshells #1

  1. Thanks my friend, hope you are well. 🙂

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    • well actualy I’m going good the buissness is in a upswing right now and I’m nailing down props to build and stock to aquire its scary and exciting at the same time so I’ll have a ltot ot post and update soon

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      • Glad to hear your business is going well, I started my own small business (selling retro comics) a year ago, as you say scary and exciting. Good luck for the future my friend.

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      • WOW THATS AWESOME I hope you do well. We may have to work with each other to find oldey but goodies for our customers in the future! I know I want to get the orginal year one comics and the death of jason todd ones myself

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