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Dead Robin thanks to Joker in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Batman v Superman SDCC trailer 1

Yes this is a real pic and yes it was in the trailer which just debuted. We have all been talking about the universe that will be created with this new film. We its obviously not a NEW universe like marvel made , this universe has been around.

The killing of robin is a major event in the comics and clearly will have an impact on these films – the cameo of batman in suicide squad should be plenty full of anger and mayhem.

Also the destruction of Wayne Finical building as part of the Superman Zod metropolis fight gives all the reason Bruce and Batman need to Hate Superman. Was it his fault . . . no But Zod showed up because of it- an entire building of bruce’s people died . . . its his 9/11 your not going to just let it go . . . .

Nolan was so awesome as were his movies and they always will be, I don’t think it will be fair to compare the 2 to each other. TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD . Keep that in mind.

So Check out the Brand New ComicCon Trailer  and yes look for robins suit . . .


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