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OK 1st off it looks like rabbit man and WHAT THE HELL superman loses his suit and Lois of all people reveals who he is!?!?!?!


So basically you took new 52 which was pretty successful and for the most part liked: you decided to do anything, and it all can be part of the cannon and any crazy idea is A OK . … .

Line them up and get in line behind me to bitch slap them all.

I UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF DOING OUT THERE AND DIFFERENT STUFF . I truly get it it, writers want to break new ground and tell different stories and go at things from different angles. OK I agree and get it BUT, that DOESN’T MEAN DOING SOMETHING STUPID AND WRECKING ALL THE TITLES.  I loved new 52 batman. I loved what they did with superman and generally liked what they were doing with the other characters. But we only got that for 2 years.

Court of owls changed everything, they did the ridler in an awesome way. Explanations for sups super suit and reboots of justice league. Wonderwoman was awesome. It just seems like to me they decide to fix what wasn’t broke.

I remember and many of us do and LOVED “else worlds” You wanna do Gordon in his “rabbit man suit” make it an else worlds tittle and a new book. You want louis to rat out superman – make it else worlds. You wanna do stories from different earths GO FOR IT . . . . .  in else worlds.

You want dick grayson to be batman or go to the future and have Damian be Batman I’M ALL FOR IT but do it in else worlds.

Why do something to turn away the viewers of your major titles just to tell different stories? I want my new 52 batman and major characters back. Do what ever you want with the characters in else worlds and make them the new titles I’m down with that . . . . . .  BUT LEAVE MY BATMAN AND SUPERMAN ALONE!

For christ sake Batman just died what 3 years ago and his return story was basically elseworlds – batman the pirate – groan.

To me this is all a stunt and a poorly conceived way to shake things up. BY ALL MEANS SHAKE IT UP but don’t fix what aint broke and don’t take away my batman so quickly after we just got him back.


sorry had to rant.

Its not good when you gotta depend on the movies and not the comics to get your dose of your fav. Characters.



Author: drakeca89

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  1. The New 52 was terrible (imo) with the exception of New 52 Batman (and Green Lantern) but including New 52 Superman. While i dont like Gordan as the new temporary Batman, its just temporary. And Lois Lane revealing Superman’s identity as Clark Kent, thats interesting AND temporary. With the exception of us both disliking Gordan as Batman, I think my views are the exact opposite of yours (which is perfectly fine, opinions are opinions)

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    • well we all like diffrent parts. I myself am not a superman fan but I liked the 1st year story for him and Iliked the new suit I HATED THE T-SHIRT one I always thought like many sups is too much of a boy scout and too powerful intialy they dialed back his power but than they just gave him a new more powerful explosian energy beam – like he needs the help. I think overall most people like the ideas but the execution has not been well liked. We would have an interesting debate at the comic shop I’m sure 🙂

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      • That would be a fun debate. To quote one of my posts: “the point of Superman is that he’s a god among men that chose to use his immense power to save and protect people. He’s a boyscout and he’s suppose to be the living embodiment of the superhero, doing anything and everything that he thinks is the right thing to do….What we got instead is a high school jerk who decides to use his powers for good because he likes to punch things.” That’s generally how I feel about Superman. Them taking away his boyscout attitude just kinda made his concept a bit more shallow for such a deep character. Although I really didn’t mind them dialing back his strength a bit since he was still one of the strongest members of the justice league.

        If you want to see more about my opinion on the New 52 you can check it out here:

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      • I’ll for sure check this out well put

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  2. I didn’t think I was going to like the new Batman, but after issue #41 I was sold. It really doesn’t matter who’s in the suit as long as Scott Snyder is writing it, plus the Batsuit within the mech looks pretty cool.

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    • I was just so into what they were doing with the new 52 batman it was like they snatched back a birthday present form me – I want my present back!