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Return to Summer Movie Friday


HELLO! Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Like a bloated transformer sequel I return with load noises and lots of explosions to let you know what coming out next week.

Well during my Convention Hiatus I missed Jurassic World, and let me tell you what a movie to miss. I just saw it last week and it blew my mind. I am for sure going to see it again and maybe even more times ounce it gets to the dollar theatre by me. If you haven’t seen it GO RIGHT NOW- TURN OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO!!!!

I might also mention that on Wed. I went to go see the 40th Anniversary of JAWS.  duhn nuh . . . duh nuh.  Let me tell you folks seeing that on the big screen was something else!!! WOW totally different than watching it on tv. Some movies were just meant to be seen in a 40 foot tall theatre screen. What amazes me is how well it has held up over time. Except for the clothing of some of the people in the town it coulda easily have been a current time line film. The effects with Bruce the shark and the scenes with out him but from the sharks perspective still are fantastic.  I gotta say I love when cinemark does these re releases. I’ve seen the 1st Indian Jones and now Jaws. Man if you get a chance see them on the big screen at your local cinemark Totally worth it! And yes the theatre clapped when the movie was over. It was Legen . . . . . wait for it . . . .dary  or should I say legend . . scary MADE ME JUMP!

Ok Ted 2 came out today the 1st was funny hopefully this one will be too But the next big movie to come out is  TERMINATOR

Different take on it – I dig it!

Trailer 2  “Teach Him To Blend In”

Gotta say the CGI on making the young Arnie in the film is wayyyy better than last time.




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