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Gone for too long Colossal Con, Media, and Jurassic World


Hi Universe, Facebook Folks, and Pinterest Pals,

Well I have not been keeping up with my weekly posts and I want to say sorry. I have had a convention a potential cosplay magazine articule to write as well as the 1st week of class to contend with. Also and many of you know uploading convention pics has been a MAJOR PAIN IN MY ASS.

So please check out my Convention page to see all the pics that will post ( grrrrrr stupid computer) I’ll be returning to normal this week!

Also I saw Jurassic World on tues and it was AWESOME. Go see it now. like right now . . .what are you doing get up GO

IMG_0095 cosplay swim suits

IMG_0059 potential article?

chris-pratt-on-jurassic-park-4 (1)GO SEE THIS NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!



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8 thoughts on “Gone for too long Colossal Con, Media, and Jurassic World

  1. I was calling last week dinosaur week because I was so excited about Jurassic world. I wasn’t sure at first because the start seemed a bit drawn out and had a different feel to the 3 Jurassic park films, but then it really picked up. Now I really want to see it again because it was so awesome. Some might think the end a little OTT, but sometimes I enjoy that kind of silliness. The Velociraptors were so cute :3. Yes, everybody should go… see it…. right now!!!

    I get weeks like that, where I can’t quite keep on top of things and stay up to date with everything. Things do come up sometimes and it can’t be helped.

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    • WASN’T IT SOOO AWESOME I wasnt to go see it again to. I didnt mind the crazy battle at the end I was glad that we got to see the t- rex again I though what thats all we get a 2 end scene of it eating something in the forest . . . nope major dino battle. and I thought it was awesome the scars on it and than the roar over the land . It was like it had a mic said fuch yeah and than droped it I’m out! I will end up seeig it multuple times I am sure but probabaly not beat my Dark Knight record of 13 times seeing a movie

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      • haha, wow 13 times. I think it was Pirates of the Caribbean for me, but I’ve forgotten the number. I think t-rex and raptors are favourites and so I’d expect they’d always play some role in these films. It was really cool, and I can’t wait to see it again. 😀

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      • I know I asssume they will retake the park next and find the military secret dino there as well. it could be “Return to Jurassic World” yep thats it I just named the movie I’ll take my check please


      • haha, I was wondering how they could make another film about this. I was thinking, when will they learn not to make parks filled with dangerous creatures.

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  2. a movie about a park that only has monkey that throw poo wouldnt do as well but equaly entertaining


  3. I haven’t seen Jurassic World yet! Should I go jump off a building nowwwwwwwww???????????????????????? D: D: D: Will find time this weekend thoooooooooooooough XD

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