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Summer Movie Friday


Hi Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well Friday has arrived so its time for another preview. I might mention that Poltergeist came out today, and my response is  blbbbbpppppbbbbb thats the spelling of me blowing a raspberry at the computer screen. I’ll all for new interpretations of older movies but a straight up remake pisses me off. ESPECIALLY if its a remake of a classic. You don’t remake jaws you create  something new Like deep blue sea. So remaking this film makes me say no HELL NO it is a classic. So I will not be seeing this till it gets to my local $1 dollar theatre.

So next week gives us the latest action adventure from the The Rock. I enjoy this flicks my fav of the genera would be Volcano staring Tommy lee jones so this new disaster film interests me Check it out Bellow:

Trailer 1 Teaser – wow and might I add as usual glad to see Paul Geomonti!

Trailer 2

Now were talking thats an EPIC looking disaster movie.



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