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Suicide Squad Cast Costume Pics – Superhero Monday


Hi Universe and Facebook folks and Pinterest Pals



Here it is the costumes,

Boy does this look like a motley crew wow

Ok what matters most to me is how Harley is presented bc its here 1st appearance on the big screen.

I like it it looks just like her recent comic book when she was at the rollerdurby that may in fact be her rollerderby jacket. She has the blue and red and the super short short shorts. the eye makeup looks right. I’m happy with this as a fan boy I think its great and they obviously sourced the current comic which is good Harley is much stronger and more independent but still batshit crazy in it. hehehe pun intended;) . I don’t think we could ask for more from her 1st time out.

Now we also saw the Letto joker pic and they retracted it saying that’s not the “final look” just a “promotional bc of him being 75” . . . righhhhhtttttt. back pedal much

Look close at Harley’s legs tattoo’s all over them . . . so that leads me to believe the letto joker will retain the tattoos which is fine by me the tats didn’t bother me EXCEPT for the damaged forehead one. So If I were a betting man I’d say tattoos are what were gonna see. I already stated my dislike of the Letto pic so I wont repeat myself see my previous post on that for my thoughts.

Captain boomerang spot on to the comic.

Deadshot looks pretty good

Killer Croc bandaged hands right outta the comics

Katana spot on to comic




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4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Cast Costume Pics – Superhero Monday

  1. Making superheroes look decent in live action is no easy task. I’m not too impressed with the images that have been released. The wardrobe looks like something on a TV show budget.

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  2. I really like what they did with Harley Quinn in this cast. Although I heard this movie was gonna be a comedy. Do you know if that’s true? I hope not since its frrakin Suicide Squad.

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