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Cosplay Saturday – Kyoya Ootori


Hell o Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well its another sat. The time between now and Colossal Con is getting much less.

So I am thinking about an easy opening day costume that would be comfortable to wear. Check it out:



Kyoya Ootori

His attitudes are easy : 

I don’t have to get a wig, I already am blind as a bat so I don’t need the glasses I have my own.

The tie is simple to make and cheap

All I need is black dress pants which I have and a white dress shirt. I LOVE french cuffs so I’ll have to get a shirt like that just for an excuse to wear cuff links but it fits with the charector

So shirt: 30

Tie and ribbon: 20

total spent on casual costume $50

So here is this weeks Cosplay Question What is your easy cosplay go to costume?


Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

4 thoughts on “Cosplay Saturday – Kyoya Ootori

  1. Ahhh awesome! I freakin love Ouran.

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  2. Ash from Pokemon is an easy cosplay choice.

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  3. Dudley from street fighter is my go to cosplay.

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