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Update to the Logos


Hi universe and Facebook Folks


Well its official check out the new logo in full-size and the the 1st 3 Drake business branches

Here is a tease

New Logo 2   jpgtheatre


The Logos


Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

7 thoughts on “Update to the Logos

  1. I love the colours. Looks better for having a bit more yellow/orange on it. Love that dragon too :3

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    • thanks eventualy after I get and know how to use photoshop I will make the wings the gold color as well. So this is 2.o the wings will be 3.0


    • Hay I featured you in my sat. Cosplay question. I will post the 2 links about your buissness this week


      • Aww thank you. I love the examples you’ve given. Yeah a mention will be great thanks. Maybe in time I can get some artwork done that might appeal to the types of readers you have. Of course I will return in kind when you have your website and kickstarter up and running. I’ll get back to you when I can, I haven’t been very well over the past week and so I’m giving myself some forced relaxation time to recover.

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      • Thanks I thought they were preaty awesome. I’m actually going to do a post about the halloween costumes neil patrick harris has done there all themed with him and his partner and the kids. Who says parents cant dress up for halloween. NPH sure doesnt!!!!! I’m allso going to post about your buissness. I’ll probably do it tonight after class. Ughhh schoool waaaaaa school is for dum people waaaaa I dont wanna goooooo:( Sure a joint venture with your artwork would be very appreciated. You know I am goinig to try to interview some ladies in the comic and cosplay world. Since your the only game desighner I know and are a lady would you mind an interview? The questions would center around female in the field and female charectors in the game world. What do you think? Could be a good way to get your name ut there some more. . . .
        Feel btr I suffered from the blaws last week. hmmmm maybe a cheap hotel with a hottub for you and ur bf for a night might be a nice relaxing thing. I went to one once it was i think $40 for the night and it had a pool and “continental” breakfast in the am. Ehh just a thought. Feel btr. Let me know what you think of the interview idea. TTYL


      • Yeah of course I’d be happy to have a look at that interview. You never know, we might be able to find ways to help each other out in joint ventures. The other week I was trying to think up new game ideas relating to cosplay or something. Lol. Thanks, I think we need some relaxation time. Over the past few weeks every plan we’ve made to hang out hasn’t been ideal due to one of us being ill in some way. A hottub would be awesome.

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  2. Thanks I’l start to put together some questions for you. I made ones for the other gals I’d like to interview but there in different fields I asked 15 questions MAX so it wouldn’t be terribly long. Well I don’t know about cosplay and game ideas but I have an idea for a movie; That could be easily morphed into a . . . horror game. My friend is a writer and I laid it all out for her to use. She’s working on her own projects 1st which makes sense. I keep hoping I can open that film branch to the biz so I can keep her here. Anyway. perhaps my movie idea could be something to get the creative juices flowing. If you make a fortune onit I want a cut! 🙂 its tough enjoying hanging out when not feeling well. I rember being taken care of by my ex. she was so kinda and caring. She cooked and we watched a movie. Some times its the simple stuff like that that works the best. So try that. No hot tub though 😦