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Technology can suck it . . .aka why my supermonday didnt post and Hump DAy

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks.

SCREW YOU MILITARY TIME! Sorry but I am one of the many people that dont know military time. For some crazy ass reason my Superhero Mondya post never posted thanks to military time. This cheezes me right off.I hate being late or forgeting a post. This was not my fault. So here are the SuperHero Monday Polls

Take that stupid computer not doing what I want!!!!!!


I might point out his replica samuri sword splinters into pieces on the computer, so in case of a zombie apocaplse get a cold steel sword not your replica to take out the zombies . . .just an FYI



and to class it up a bit labcoats and slowmo smashing of a laptop



Author: drakeca89

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