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Barbossa Cosplay Updates . . . . .ARGHHHHHH

Hi universe and Facebook Folks,

Well I have gotten farther the front and back of the coat is all attached. I have not put the sleeves on yet I am waiting on a friend to give me some guidance on it before I go to stitch them in.

I have noticed that the coat is getting heavy . . .noticeable so. I’m going to have to figure out a way to keep me cool as I wear it. Maybe one of those back packs that you can fill with cold water. Or maybe put my under shirt in the the fridge in the room the water would hold its chill longer though. ANY IDEAS?

Ok here is a tease see all the pics on my Cosplay Page

bbIMG_0004 bbIMG_0005  bbIMG_0007   bbIMG_0011


Author: drakeca89

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