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Cosplay Sat.

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Hi Universe and Facebook,

Well some of you lucky cosplayers have the cool chance to be in Toronto enjoying the con there. Major jealous.

So My question this week is about travel with your cosplay.

Ok here is the scenario: Your going to a convention either out of state or out of the country: what ways do your get your costume and props to the location. Yon can travel via: PLANE, CAR, TRAIN. You also can ship pieces parts using U.S.P.S. or your countries equivalent, Fedex , UPS.

I have not left the state or country to go to a con but that time is approaching so how do you get it all there?


Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

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  1. ok who doesn’t love the Indiana Jones Travel map!!!!!!!!!!