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Just bc its awesome TAKE ON ME , both the video and the Song

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Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well for some reason I heard TAKE ON ME  today on the radio in the car an proceeded to rock out and yes even attempt those nut busting high notes.



The song stated  off in the U.K. than came to The United States in October 1985, the song became the only A-ha song to reach the top position of the Billboard Hot 100, due in no small part to the wide exposure on MTV of its innovative music video


Thanks Wikepedia 😉   Innovative is right I’ve never seen a music video or anything else that did this same concept. One hit wonder you betcha but man what a one hit wonder and the video pop culture gold.  I had no idea the song was as old as it is. I remember watching it and other videos most were Michael Jackson and Madonna debuting there 2nd albums, on both MTV WHEN IT WAS AWESOME AND ACTUALLY PLAYED MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!!!!  as well as VH1.

So for those whom are your late 20’s and remeber this enjoy for those of you that are  (ugh lord I’m getting old)  not old enough to remember watch something very cool.


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One thought on “Just bc its awesome TAKE ON ME , both the video and the Song

  1. The song is catchy and the video is awesome.

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