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Wonder Woman’s New Threads…


Hi Universe and Facebook Folks THANKS to one of my best posters for coming up with this 1st excellent stufff sir! So Wonder Woman gets a awesome and non bikini or skirt costume looks good!


WW new costume (DC Comics, 2015)

In June of this year, Diana will continue her eternal crusade against mythological beasts, crime, poverty and injustice in a brand new costume, DC Comics have released the above image of Themyscira’s chosen daughter, and we love it. Fundamentally not a huge departure from her previous outfit, though Diana’s costume has changed a number of times in her almost 75 years of existence, albeit in very minor ways.

WW costume changes

The new redesign keeps the basic WW design and colours, returning to her classic red and white (now thigh length) boots as opposed to her ‘New 52’ black pair. The new look is more traditional Superhero in style, though still retains some of the Greek Amazon warrior look of the past few decades. So what are your thoughts fellow fans of the awesome Amazon, why not sound off in the comments below. 

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2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s New Threads…

  1. It looks cooler than other female costume redesigns we have been getting. I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t miss the bikini look though.

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    • hahahaha well I am sure ur cough hehe not the only that liked that one. Check out My Monday Super Hero Poll you’ll get a chance to vote for that costume since 1 of the polls is all about Wonderwomans costumes!!!

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