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International Womens Day 3/8/2015


Hi Universe and Facebook Folks.

I tend to stay away from certain issues politics, religion, shipping;) But this was something that I think is important.


International Womens Day


Please check out this article about it. It has Paul Bettany whom we all know as the voice of jarvis speaking out.

I am a major supporter of the Female Superhero so I felt this was appropriate. I do apologize for not posting earlier about it but hay better late then never.

So I have a question for you all especially ladies.

A themed sale at the store when open seems  . . . well in poor taste. But I will have my own theatre available to me. Instead of a sale on all female titles or perhaps if you gals approve combined with it; what if the theatre was playing movies all day for free that featured strong women characters?

I support you gals and perhaps this would be my way to contribute.

I could also give the gals that would be working for me the day off PAID. Not at first but eventually I will be doing good enough  (knock on wood and wish reallllllll hard) So what about that gals?

Please let me know you have a chance to craft policy at Drake Enterprises.


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2 thoughts on “International Womens Day 3/8/2015

  1. That’s a wonderful idea. I love stories that have strong female leads in them. I think it’s good to have all sorts of different role models for everyone.

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