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The Liebster Goes to . . . . Drake Fire Side Chats


Hi Universe and Facebook Fans,

I’d like to Thank the Academy . . .


liebster award

No I’d really like to Thank :

Wallcat for Nominating me this past week

Wall cat is a videogame and coding extraordinaire whom has solid insight into herself and others. She wants to craft with the help of her own trusty bf / significant other a wicked video game that combines various genres.



ArcaneHalloween from Precenict 1313  for nominating me last Fall.

ArcaneHaloween has been awesome from the start. He has great taste when it comes to comics and pop culture. He has been really the best follower on my blog and is always great with leaving good and insightful comments. He writes on Precinct 13 13 which is very cool so check it out.


I just now figured out how this works . .  .sorry was a touch slow on the uptick,

So Here we go as we dive into the big 11 questions


The 11 questions for the nominees to answer (should they choose to accept):

  1. Where is your favorite place to hang out?                                                                                                                                                       I love the coffee shop inside the Books A Million the watered down Barnes and Noble in my area that way after I suck down a hot choc. or lemonade in the summer I can blow hours shopping in the books, movies and new pop culture / spencers – hottopic knock off section
  2. What do you like to do to unwind?                                                                                                                                                                   I love going to the movies we have a $1 theatre with 2nd run movies close by as well as regular multiplex both have 3d capable screens so I really get to see a lot. The movies get me back to ground 0 they kind reboot and re-energize me, that’s why I love them so much. I also keep every ticket and have for a LOOOOOONG time. I have quite the collection.
  3. Would you consider yourself to be an outdoors or an indoors person?                                                                        I’m an outdoors person for sure. I love going on the bike trail nearby and ride for miles and miles, I also love pontoonboating  ( with some frosty libations) 😉 and golf though I’m not good at it and loose waaaaay to many golf balls but a pint awaits me at the conclusion though so it makes up for it. I love CedarPoint and its all outdoors and the rides are so awesome.
  4. If you could have one super-power what would it be?                                                                                                  Immortally– for sure, or Wolverines healing powers which make he age way slower then a normal human  which would be near immortality. Vampire caused immortality would be fine too as long as I’m a handsome vampire not a Nosferatu version. Highlander immortality would work too and give me an excuse to learn to sword fight and carry a sword.                    I know “but all the people you know would die and you wouldn’t” 😦  . Yes that would be very hard but I could do it. Imagine all I could see and learn and do. All the heirs of mine that I could watch grow up. I could be anyone as many times as I wanted I could see it all. 80 years of life is not enough.
  5. If you were a sorcerer what element would you specialize in – fire, earth, air or water?                                  Hmm tough one I first thought fire but earth would be less hazardous and less confrontational but probably fire. Fire serpent in Harry Potter Deathly Hollows  agh ughhh see what I did there!  
  6. What is your proudest achievement?                                                                                                                                       Working on it right now opening my Corporation Drake Enterprises. It would be my greatest achievement. But what would matter to me more would be finding my Mrs. my “the one” That would be far more fulfilling. I might mention finishing my Masters I’d  be pretty proud of that as well. So there you have career, personal and educational 3 for 1
  7. Who are your role models?                                                                                                                                                               Batman , William Perish ( Anthony Hopkins from Meet Joe black) My Dad for certain things and the man I am not yet but wish to be , that guy is preaty awesome. 
  8. What is your favourite book, game or film?                                                                                                                                    Ugh thats so hard. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Batman Arkham City  . . .tied with Assassins Creed 2 (although 4 was really fun)          

Film ugh I have a favorite for each genera 

Horror: Insidious ( NEW) Poltergeist ( Old) – I must mention The Exorcist which I am to scared to watch and have chickened out 2 halloweens in a row.

Action: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 or 1 totally equal.

Superhero: Dark Knight

Romantic : Love Actualy

Comedy: Death at a Funeral , The Hangover 1 unrated. OR ANY MEL BROOKS MOVIE

Futuristic: Tron Legacy

Classic Hero: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Hook

and the list goes on and on and ooooooooonnnnnnnn

9.What is your favorite color? Black or Crimson Red

10. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?

Immortality, Enough money to take care of myself and those I care about forever, Happiness for myself and those I care about forever.

11. If you could sum yourself up in just a few words, what would they be?

Different, Imagineer, Unique, Gifted, Nerdy,  A GOOF, Guarded


11 random facts about me:

  1. I hate and wont eat Brussel sprouts
  2. I am an avid Batman trading card collector
  3. My fav. color is black but I try to wear as much bright colors as I can
  4. I feel more comfortable dressed up than casual
  5. I don’t like horizontal strips
  6. I’m a fan of corsets ( not on me you goof)
  7. I cant sleep at night without some kind of white noise in the background
  8. When playing golf I adhere to the duffers rules of 1 gimme put, 1 do over tee shot and stop counting strokes at 9
  9. I have been to a Hoka Bar and it was ok (a touch pretentious)
  10. I alphabetize my Video games
  11. I love Papa Johns Pizza

I will be nominating my 11 people tmrw

liebster_rules To those I nominate here are the rules and the questions

The 11 questions for the nominees to answer (should they choose to accept):

  1. Where is your favourite place to hang out?
  2. What do you like to do to unwind?
  3. Would you consider yourself to be an outdoors or an indoors person?
  4. If you could have one super-power what would it be?
  5. If you were a sorcerer what element would you specialize in – fire, earth, air or water?
  6. What is your proudest achievement?
  7. Who are your role models?
  8. What is your favourite book, game or film?
  9. What is your favourite colour?
  10. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?
  11. If you could sum yourself up in just a few words, what would they be?

Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

16 thoughts on “The Liebster Goes to . . . . Drake Fire Side Chats

  1. Congrats my friend, well deserved and I also always play white noise when I go to bed, it cured my decade long insomnia! 🙂

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  2. Aww, thank you for writing such lovely things about me. I use to keep my cinema tickets too so I could look back at everything I saw. One of them I’d gotten while in Florida. I use to think I was mostly an indoors type of person (being a gamer and all that,) but now that I’m older I appreciate going out more often than I use to (I still want to have lots of experiences in the big wide world.) That bike trail sounds lovely and like something I’d enjoy. I’d love to be immortal myself so long as I could pick a few of my loved ones to be immortal with me. Ignoring all of the down sides to living for a long time I would just love to know I had all the time in the world to enjoy honing my skills and reading/playing/watching as many books/games/films as I could – one of my biggest fears is dying before I get the chance to experience so many great creations. Do you think our brains would have the capacity to continue absorbing information after so many years of living though? I read something lovely recently that suggested that as people get older they might get slower at processing things but only because they’ve stored so much information – like filling up a hard drive on a computer. Some people get CDs of nature and waves to go to sleep to. I was considering trying that sometime myself. Keep working hard and everything will fall into place :).


    • I have every movie ticket since 1997 I think or 98. so thats a lot of tickets I’m going to start this summer putting them onto backboard and into frames in order. there all different colors so it should look preaty cool.

      The trail is great 16 mikes total at the halfway point 8 miles there is a tiny little downtown literaly only a block long that has the best icecream place ever there and a comic shop that has vintage toys dating back to the 40’s so my childhood toysare in there and some are in new condition plus the current comics so its a great stop before doing the other half!

      That would be the great thing about being a vampire immortal you can pick whom ever to live with you in theory forever. You’d be basicaly Eric Northman from trueblood.
      can you imagine the library and the items that you would aquire the collection in the house above the lair would be increadable. Kinda like the collection Conner from Highlander had in his home. I’m afraid to of not having the time to do all I dream of. I also wonder the things that I love once I’m gone. Will I be able to enjoy them in heaven. ( hopefully thell let me in) simple stuff like chocolate, kissing, golf. Are there these things up there? its a good fear to have but it can also be a good motivator for you as well.

      Well if you look at the wolverine imortality his brain synpsis would never age they contuinely repair so his memory would always be spot on. So if regenerative is involved I think we could have memories and use of our brain in infinity.
      Thats interesting harddrive but what could we do if we could use all 100% of our brain though? Thats why I want to see Lucy the movie. I use the cd for the ocean sounds works real well.
      I hope so I just found a place that has larp versions of anima and manga swords for cheap I can use them to stock up on them and sell them for a profit. so I keep thankfully getting other things to help bring money into the bank when the doors open. I also discovered a professional camera for the green screen grotto is not as expensive as I thought $150 thats not bad at all.
      Again thanks for nominating me and also thanks for listenting to me and “Readsponding”

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      • People think goths are odd – assuming we are obsessed with death and all that dark stuff. We could do with a more positive attitude towards death though. Some would think me morbid for worrying over what I’m not going to fit into my life, but like you said, it also motivates me to fill my life up to the fullest. It can also make you appreciate the moment more too. I hope it’s not a possibility to use 100% of our brain, but I’m already starting to notice I’m struggling to remember everything I need to. I was talking to the guy in the card game shop and he told me that once he’d remembered all of the games and the rules to each one he found there was little room left for much else, lol. I think I’ve reached my limit on how many card games I can play because I keep getting simple rules mixed up between them (like how many you draw out at the start.) Still, the brain is pretty complex and probably doesn’t fill up exactly in that sense. Yeah, other than the blood thing I suppose being a vampire is pretty awesome in that sense. Plus bats are pretty cute. I love the Highlander film although I haven’t watched it in a while. I’ve actually been to the castle that features in the film. It’s very beautiful.

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      • yeah there is alot of miss info about goths and here in the states due to the columbian school shooting it has had a lasting effect and not a good one bc of the 2 guys what they were wearing.

        I don’t worry about not seeing everything before I die I figure I’ll get to it. My worries is that I’ll go to soon and have not spent my life making up for the past and showing the Mrs. when ever she shows up how good of a man I am now.

        tell me I’m a good man Saving Private Ryan

        this is is my fear.

        I’ve found that I cant play 2 diffrent games at once bc the buttons get all messed up and I usaly blow myself up or something like that.

        I don’t mind the blood its the possibility of losing your soul that worries me about being a vampire. or looking like one of these guys:

        that castle is so awesome form the movie the film showing the mountains and terrain was really beautiful too. Thats so awesome that you got to seee that, major jelous


      • I suppose you can’t make assumptions about a whole group of people based on the actions of one, but I guess most of us are guilty of putting people into boxes at some point. I prefer to assume that I’m going to live to a good old age (nobody really knows what’s around the corner, but it’s scary to think otherwise.) I’m just one of those people that easily becomes interested in most things and so I know I’ll struggle to enjoy all of the experiences that I’d like to. It’s silly that I’m even thinking about that at my age, but then again, like we said, it encourages you to make the most of each day and to not put things off for silly reasons. Then again, we don’t have to worry because we’ll find a way to get the vampirism curse, and we’ll be of the dashing kind, not that freaky sort with the creepy eyes and teeth. Then you can swoon the girl you like while wearing an awesome cape. Like Voltaire in Vampire the Masquerade ( or Lestat. Yeah, that’s how vampires should look and I have to say it’s rather my type. 😛

        I have a lot of game controls committed to muscle memory, but as soon as I try to think about what buttons I’m pressing I loose it. It’s so weird how the controller can feel like an extension of your body that you don’t even realize how your hands are moving. With all those game rules and programming languages though I feel like I’m starting to mix things up more than I use to, lol.

        Just to make you a little more jealous, I’ve also been to Alnwick Castle (which appears in the flying scene in the first Harry Potter movie) and I’ve walked under Glenfinnan Viaduct that Hogwarts Express is shown to be travelling over in some of the films (the car scene in the second film.)

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        I Drake formally declare you my first Drake Enterprises person of the day. yep that just happened!!!!

        ohhhh he has flame powers I like it!

        I dont know though I might be tempted to go Dracula from VanHelsing and have 3 vampire Brides . . . red head, brunette, and anima blue just to mix it up hahahaha. No offense but my goodness how could he have handled 3 undead high matienece gals.

        Lestat ughh nooo he was too needy and such a prick. I ‘ve been re reading Interview I got this awesome looking edition for christmas:

        super cool right!?!? I think I would be very conflicted like Louie was. and the desire to find non dick cough Lestat cough vampires would have also seized my thoughts.

        God I wish capes would come back in style. Wouldnt that be great! Although I could get away with in winter this:

        you gotta have an awesome coat that “swoshes” too how about this:

        I always wanted to go pokeing around Europe in the forests and caves It would be my dumb like I’d run into the only vampire still alive and he would look like max shreck

        That would totaly suck.

        I am tearible with hitting the right button at the exxact moment I gave up on force unleashed for that very reason. My motor skills are actually hampered so I’m a few seconds behind a normal person. Makes boss battles ughhhh such tedious work.

        sob u meanie I may revoke your person of the day that is such a fantastic castle! major jealousy.×1/about/nature-geography/coasts-islands/glenfinnan-viaduct


        I want to see this

        We have nothing like these things here in the states. Thats why we love to go to Europe . . .its so totally different we literally have nothing here to compare it to.

        There is this one place we call it the castle,-81.496146,3a,37.5y,136.87h,84.05t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAn0ZhiJ6nK0iFSAR98goGA!2e0

        I’m going to become a millionaire over night and just walk up and buy this house off the people that live there.

        sniff I wish


      • Haha, tbh I don’t fully remember what Lestat’s personality was like as it was a long time ago when I last saw Queen Of The Damned (where I first saw him.) I just remember thinking he looked cool. I really want to read the books sometime though – that edition looks amazing. It could be worse, like Edward from Twilight. Once again I have a song for this – Oh those vampire brides were terrible, trust you to go for that, lol. Dracula could be more sexy too :P. Was looking at Van Helsing pictures, this outfit is cool – My corset is black with silver fastenings, I feel like I should be carrying a crossbow or something while I’m wearing it. I have a red bolero and my hair is a bit like hers too… hmmm… ideas…. Swoshy coats are the best. I’d like to get a longer coat, but they usually cost more. Oh yeah, when I said you could swoon the girls I had some second thoughts; maybe biting their necks won’t fit in with the image of being a good man. Better make sure they agree to it first. lol.

        I’ve never actually seen that white horse, but I could easily get to it so I’m not sure why I haven’t. Pff, you call that a castle, this is a castle – or

        I’d love to live in a castle, although I bet it’d be pretty cold. I feel like visiting a castle now. I’m going to a medieval fair in a few weeks though. Want to browse the mead stocks and maybe feel the grip of a longbow in my hands again – I miss that feeling. They sell really awesome cloaks too, but very expensive.

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      • Queen of the damned was crap in comparison to Interview with the vampire with Tom Cruise as lestat he was awesome!

        ughhh HURL I just got sick at the mention of Edward from Twilight ughh please vampire burst into flame in sunlight not look like they had sparkle factory blow up all over theme. OR maybe edward was trying to tell her he couldnt be with her bc he was gay and to look at all the body glitter on him left over from the night clubing. NO I take that back thats an insult to gay guys, even they wouldnt condone edward – blagh! Although if she ever wrote a series about carlieal the doctor who spent some time with the evil vampire head council that I’d want to see! Edward ughhhhh

        oh she was very well dressed in van helsing even the ball gown was fantastic

        and wearing a ventian mask . . . . purrrrrr The costumer was very very good to her for that film.

        your corset sounds bad ass very nice !!! You could totally rock the crossbow and put a few other things with it presto vampire slayer . . Halloween costume done.

        hahahahah yes only consensual vampire bites unless I’m tearing apart an asshole . . . who had it coming. Or I find my own Pam from True blood and I’m sorry but she has to be mine so yeah no choice for her;) hehehe mwahahahhaha

        I’D LOVE to get a grey duster length very fashionable and it of course swooshes!!!!

        I just had a crazy thought Jedi vampire . . . oh please lets get real SITH VAMPIRE!!!! My mind just went boom!

        crying and sobing and sniffling in a pathetic way over how awesome those REAL castles are. sooooooobbbbbbbb. DAMN YOU EUROPE!!!!!( he shakes his fist in air)

        Fun fact most castles were very cold no insulation and most had no windows with glass to shield from the cold at least not at first. However tapestries were made to cover large portions of walls in castle to act as insulation and keep the draft from the outside to a minimum. Thats why very few princess would complain about sitting around sewing tapestries bc they were freezing to death and the men sure wernt gonna do anything about . . . medieval jerks! hahahaha

        ohh take pics at the medevil fair that is so much fun I went to one once t it was a blast! num num num mead! I would love to learn archery I have an excuse to that and sword fighting with different sword types. Stage combat training! boom that just happened!

        check this out its cold steel so its the real thing

        I have a folder on my fav. online that is all my zombie gear just in case . . . hahahaha I even have 2 manuels on what to do in case of a zombie apocalpse . . .it even gives directions on how to deliver a baby . . gross but I was impressed for a book that I thought it was just a spoof coffee table one right . . .

        actually the gal I’m going to get my barbossa hat from is a vender at the medieval fairs near me.


      • I’m almost done responding sorry its taking so long I had 2 midterms this week.
        Did you see this how totaly awesome is everything she is wearing!

        I’ve been seeing alot of these tights that have the diffrent patterns on them cat tails and fake garters dragon faces how long has this been a thing there very smart.


      • Yeah I agree, it wasn’t a great film. I’ll have to add Interview With A Vampire to the list of films I need to see. It’s getting longer with your recommendations :P.

        Yeah, the whole ‘I’m a monster thing’ just to end up being all sparkly. I was disappointed. I prefer my vampires to be a little darker and rougher around the edges. The werewolf was better looking too. Aww ball gowns. That’s on my to-do list. I want to go to a proper masked ball. They hold them in Whitby sometimes, alongside the gothic festival. I can’t dance mind. My partner’s long coat looks a bit like that, but it’s in black. Whenever he wears it people compliment the coat. It truly is a thing of awesomeness.

        JEDI VAMPIRES!!! That should be a thing surly. If not I might make it into one.

        I’m pretty accurate with a crossbow too, but the museum wouldn’t let me take it away with me *sob.* Crossbows – a girls best friend in my opinion. When I get my own place I’m going to treat myself to my first sword (for decorative purposes obviously.) I know a shop that sells a few including a replica of the one from Braveheart. I’d like a gladius too. I use to always want to learn how to fight with swords and the opportunity did come along, but then I changed my mind. The guys I were speaking too wear real heavy suits of armour and told me you get a lot of bruises doing it. You have to be quite sturdy and while I might have the spirit of a lion, I’m really more like a little kitten. Bows and crossbows suit me better. I can keep a safer distance from the battlefield and don’t have to get blood on my clothes. Not that us British are still into that sort of thing of course :P. Although they do have this event where people dress for different time periods and have one large battle to see who comes out on top – like cannons and tanks against bowman. Apparently some arrows got smuggled in one year and one almost went through somebody’s foot; That put me off going to what otherwise sounded like an awesome event.

        I couldn’t even work on a tapestry with cold stiff hands. I’d have to keep a burning log fire going and wrap up in blankets. I might find the time interesting but yeaaah, living conditions are way better now. People always wish to go back to a previous time, but I’m happy staying put where I am as far as the 4th dimension is concerned.

        Ooooh Katana, that’s another sword I’d like to own. I had a friend who was obsessed with Kill Bill and bought a set of three. Yes, a lot of my friends own swords and I’m the only one not allowed to have one. Apparently because it’s dangerous or something. I think I am a little prone to accidentally stabbing myself – or so I’ve been told Lol. I did keep hitting people on the head by accident while stringing my longbow. It was really long though, how was I suppose to keep track of each end, lol.

        It is important to make plans for the potential zombie outbreak – hence why we need crossbows and swords on hand. I’d probably hole up somewhere. Make a safe cosy little bunker and last as long as I can. I’d be too scared to leave for supplies. I like a game called Zafehouse – you can upload photos of your friends to play the characters :P. I don’t think I lasted very long, lol. Ewww, baby deliveries. Isn’t it better to just, ya know…. not let guys go near the women.

        I love the outfit btw. I’ve met goths who are more into things like tattoos, piercings and hoodies, but I prefer the more feminine look with the fancy dresses, skirts and lace. I get jealous of the models showing the clothes off, they’re very pretty. I haven’t seen tights like that before, but I could do with getting some so I might see if I can find some.

        Don’t worry about replying right away. It’s the same here. Pretty busy at times. Just write when it suits. We could make it a once a week thing or every few weeks if necessary. For some reason our conversations always seem to balloon, lol.

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      • I think if I remeber Anne Rice is eithr going to do another vampire book or there going to do another film I’m not sure which.
        I didnt like either of them I was a team NEITHER. i WAS TOTALY PRO JASPER AND ALICE THOUGH! hahahaha

        ZOINKS . . .. wahhhhaaaat? A gothic festival mid BLOWN!!!!!! I wanna go to a gothic festival sob sob

        pbbttt dancing is easy.

        plus you being the girl you got it totaly easy you can do literaly anything you want and still look good doing it. Its nearly impossible for a gal not to look good dancing regrdless of her skills.

        plus it all comes down to just going for it the confidence is what its all about. YEAH I MEANT TO TDO THAT!

        Also here are some formal dos and dont that work ata ANY formal

        the video says dont grind thats depends if everyone else is than go for it if you 2 are going to be the only ones thats a no.

        There all your formal issues fixed fly fly little butterfly

        That sucks a guy that I was talking to had issues with his compound bow he showed them the string was swaped out with yarn they gave him trouble anyway. They get a touch to anal on safety sometimes.
        My first sword was from Gettysburg and it was a union Calvary sword all aluminum. My 2nd sword was my Barbossa prop replica. its awesome the 3 rd sword I’m going to get is the FOE HAMMER! AKA Glamdring

        the lord of the rings version bc it was made better than the one they did for the hobbit.

        also this one its almost identical to the sword at the end of the movie that was robinhoods dads sword that the evil sherif had .

        here is the sword one side says locksley on it so that fits fromt he movie

        preaty close.

        kitten roar huh so something like this: mwahahahaha

        yeah I am more of a plant my cold steal into your chest type I dont think I could get the arrows off quick enough. Besides being covered in blood looks badass.

        There is always one jerk taht ruins it for everybody that awesome battle sounds really great!!!!

        I think I’d go back to maybe the 30’s but yeah having ac and heat at my control is wayyyyy better than a cold castle. No wonder they called it the dark ages.

        pbbbt the replica swords are basicaly a really big butter knife you could do more dmage with a steak knife than a replica. The katanna I showed was also real cold steal high tensil strength that one you could slice through a car hood if you wanted too. Lots of people would put a edge on a replica sword and it would fall apart in the 1st zombie battle. Gotta be preped witht eh good stuf. forinstance flame and water proof matches . . . yep that would make a big diffrence.

        good to know that your as dangerous as the enemy while stringing your bow I’ll keep a 6 ft distance thank you very much! hahahah

        yeah there is a national guard station close by where I live I’d start there first.but you know its going to get over run with civilians whom probably got bit so it wouldnt last too long once that happend. I’d have to make it to the lowes by me bc all the stores roofs are connected I could get to the giant eagle that way.I have many scenerios in mind thought up on booring days while at work with my friends where to go how to fortify the pluses and minuses of each location. hahaha such a nerd right! Zafehoude huh have to look at that.

        yeahhhh the one thing that nobody would thinkk to loot in the apocolapse is condiums so that shouldnt be an issue they should be everywhere. babies make to much nosie and need to much care. Babies in zombie apacolapse are just a giant diner bell. Now if we could teach the babay to shoot hmmmm 😉

        thats the thing about the dracula clothing the models are more typical size and frame wise.

        I saw a pile of those tights and some at my school too. There a great and simple idea somebody someplace got rich real quick.

        Well I finshed both mid terms ughhhhh one was 12 pages long and that was just the test questions so i wrote like 15 pages. the other one was only 2 pages long but she wanted detail so I wrote 11 pages for that. ughhhh my brain . . .cant take any more poof brain melt down

        something like this hahahaha

        I got a bit personal in the email hope you dont mind I had some tangents I wnet one here and there I looked down and sudenly there was aa massive paragraph in front of me. hahhaaha

        ok well start planning your zombie scenarios


    • ok the joker song you sent me fits perfectly the scary carny music for the carnival I want my company to host. and I want these guys to perform at it:

      and have this there

      here is the info i made about it

      now thats a party!

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