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Cosplay Sat. . . . . .Barbossa coming along

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Argh me mateies work is going well on Barbossa. Well I have ventured into making the signature Coat the Captain Wears and let me tell you it sure isnt simple. I have spent a fair amount of time just figuring  out in what order to do things and how to make the details really pop. I’ve made a few mistakes gone back and fixed em. I’ve found out I didn’t have enough fancy embroidery for the under buttons. Ugh I am a little worried about getting it all done. Thank Goodness the Con I debut this in is in June. But lets be honest folks thats creeping up on us.

 ( <-  not related to the costume)

So here is my question for this week its a simple one but damn important.

Frayed Edges  . . . .ugh man not good I’ve used alot of locktite superglue to fix that but it leaves the areas super hard . . .fabric is not hard.

So what would you guys and gals do with your frayed edges?

actual pics updated soon


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