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HUMP DAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Planes and Wednesday Adams


Hello my merry band of miscreants!!!  mwahahahaha

Hi Universe and Facebook folks,

Well wanna say sorry for going dark last week. I had a important doc. apt. and everything is A OK so no need for another visit or another minor outpatient surgery! WOOOO healthy again!!

Well my friend is on a plane right now heading to Florida so enjoy  classic videos from Airplane the movie




now for those of us such as myself that are drawn to the dark side enjoy Adult Wednesday Adams I literaly just fond this LOVE IT



Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

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