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Justin Piatt has 5 ways that comic publishers can continue pushing comics forward in 2015

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I read this and thought it was right up my alley and what I have been talking about and hoping to cultivate in my Shop. Female Comic Characters and LGBT characters and friendly environment. So take a look at this. Thanks to Graphic Policy for posting it I DID NOT

Graphic Policy

Below is a guest editorial from the creator of the comic Super! Justin Piatt.

blitz_pushcomicsforward-1Last week, BOOM! Studios launched Push #ComicsForward, a Twitter hashtag conversation and blog page with two aims. “It’s about promoting more gender diversity, racial diversity, and LGBT diversity, as a start.” said BOOM!’s Editor and Chief Matt Gagnon. Beyond that, the initiative seeks to applaud studios and creators who have broken the established mold of storytelling.

Today, fresh voices entered that conversation; the artists-turned-publishers who created the superhero comic Super!– an off-the-radar superhero comic that was amongst the highest critically rated superhero comics in the country, partly because it coincided with the core values of BOOM!’s #ComicsForward initiative – it’s female-fronted without being exploitative, diverse without beating readers across the head with their diversity, and it shamelessly screams “let us give fans what they want” with its balls-to-the-wall action.

Here are 5 ways…

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