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Quidditch . . . .Do you Play?



Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well I just finished watching this awesome documentary about QUIDDITCH. Real college teams playing it.  Yes playing it for real.  No they don’t fly. or do they?

It’s Called Mudbloods and its about UCLA going to the world Quidditch World Cup in NYC.

Its basically rugbee and dodgeball



Am I the only one that thinks this is totally awesome?


Do I finally have an excuse to buy a firebolt?




So I looked it up and my undergrad college     Kent State has a team. But my current Masters college  University of Akron does not.

Do you guys and gals on WordPress have a Quidditch team? Have you played it?

I thought to myself when I want to host my own comic con connected to Drake Enterprises and The Closet having Quidditch be part of it would be awesome.

I started my own club in my undergrad days . . .dare I do it again but this time a  . . sports team. I’m a theatre guy I haven’t done sports since . . . 2009 when I was in a softball game.  What do you all think, should I contact my schools intramural department and get this going? I mean if Kent State our major rival has a team why not Akron u?



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6 thoughts on “Quidditch . . . .Do you Play?

  1. I have heard of this before. No, it’s not just you… It is like totally awesome!!! Then again we’ve also assessed that we’re a little bit on the weird side, lol. If you really want to try this then it can’t hurt to give it a go, just make sure you have the time to invest into it.

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    • Thats the thing I dont really have the time I need somone to spearhead it take my idea and run with it. I might just email the for fun sports guy at my school and see what he thinks and if he can drum up support.


      • Yeah, there’s lots that I’d love to do, but sometimes the difficult thing is choosing which ideas to focus on. Can’t hurt to give it a try though. It might be a cool thing for your business to be linked with these sorts of events though.

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      • I emailed the 1st person at my university about it. He wont be the last one either. I want to hold a huge convention and have all the clubs from the local colleges take part I have an entire campaighn to unite them under my banner I just havent started that yet. But wouldnt it be awesome as a major part of that convention to have mu own quiditch world cup. All the teams from each university compeat at and during the convention to win . . .the golden dragon. And braging rights for a year. I have big plans just not the money to implement them and sadly only a staff of me. I started my own college club once and from sheer will made it work. I could make this hapen. Wouldnt that be wild and quite the legacy!


      • Awwwm I want to get my hands on a golden dragon :P. It’s usually always time and money that can limit you, but then again I’ve also heard limitations can make us more creative. Just have to think around the problem. You sound like you have a lot of ideas and enthusiasm. It’s awesome, keep chasing those dreans. 😀

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  2. Well the 1st person hasnt responded yet so On Wed. I’m gonna track them down in person. THERE WILL BE QUIDITCH!!!!! I could invest in the few things needed in may and practice all summer so the timing is good I just gotta get someone to listen to me. HOWEVER, I can get an email put on the campus wide email so I could start it that way see how many show up.