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How is it thur.? I thought yesterday was tues? Hump day



Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well Um apparently today is thur. I somehow lost a day not sure how but there it is so here is hump day when I thought it was but apparently not!

Well as I start my next cosplay project I wish I found sewing to be this amusing usually I end up cussing out my machine (because its the machines fault) rip out stiches and banging my head against my cutting table. Not the case wit this little dude.

you know you need to take a sewing class when a dog works the machine better then you!

I found this and well . . .its a scary story song for kids kinda halloweenish but its about  . . .you guessed it a SEWING MACHINE

Enjoy . . . I think?!?! Gotta give the guy credit for totally going for it!




Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

8 thoughts on “How is it thur.? I thought yesterday was tues? Hump day

  1. yeah I do that too. Get my days mixed up or find myself towards the end of the week before I’ve even realized it. That dog is awesome. I use to be ok with sewing machines. I took textiles at school and was meaning to keep it up, but never did. I wonder if I could still work one :P.

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    • wear I like the high schools no longer have “home ec” they taught you basic cooking and baking a little sewing too they also had “wood shop” witch got you acquainted with basic tools and some larger saws. All of that is gone now due to budget cuts. So this new generation cant talk to one another in person thanks to facebook and cant cook thanks to school cuts. American education isnt it great ! blaghhhhhh


      • That’s really silly. I don’t know much about American education, but my school wasn’t great. I do think they should teach more basic stuff. Hehe, I still prefer talking to people face to face in real life if I can.

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      • I think the american education system is flat out batshit crazy. We force kids and adults to take all these courses and classes to “give them a well rounded and diverse education” BULLLLL first off why do wee need to take all these math classes it just brings down most students G.P.A. and do we use it? HELL NO. What I feel is we need less classes and more practical instruction like balancing a check book. Managing realistic living expenses for both an apartment and a house. Instead of all these classes that are not in my degree program cut them and have MORE INTERNSHIPS AND TIME WORKING A S AN APPRENTICE.!!!!! ughhhh So much time spent learning jeopardy facts that are quickly forgotten and useless.


      • Yeah, I totally agree. I feel angry about how my school treated me. I feel like they haven’t prepared me for real life at all and didn’t really help me with my confidence either.


      • This pissed me off in H.S. I didnt know anything about the slave trade in England or its abolishment 30 years before the U.S. did. I learned it from seeing the movie amazing grace. I was so made that I had been getting this very limited view of history and world events. I’d love to get my hands on a British h.s. social studies and world history text book.


      • Yeah, it does annoy you when you get older and you realize you’ve had gaps in your education. I actually really enjoy learning about things, but my teachers seemed to expect everyone to be loud and misbehaving, and didn’t know how to act if you were anything else. I was annoyed because my school grouped people who wanted to learn with those that misbehaved. I think they believed that by mixing people together the good qualities would rub off, but I ended up in a lot of disruptive classes that were too easy for me. I requested to move groups which they eventually did and was shocked by how much more challenging the classes were by comparison. If I had stayed where they had put me originally it would have really messed up my education. Sometimes it feels like they invest more time on those that don’t want to learn and ignore the rest. They also added me to a special needs list because of bullying issues, but then that capped my maths so that I couldn’t get into the top groups or reach the highest grades. That has caused me trouble later on because maths is really important to people that want to develop video games.

        There were many other things wrong with my school of course, but it would be a very long list to reel off. Lol. I feel like what happens to you at school is really important though, because it can shape who you grow into. It’s just a shame that so many people have such bad experiences.


  2. For a time I was going to be a teacher. The pairings that you describe were designed for the better student to become like a co teacher and lift the poorer student. But most of the time it just means the less student copies and learns less. Many of my classes were repetitive and I got a major case of senoritis as we call it an only occasionally made an opinion or answered a question bc I was one of the ones answering all the time. I had to have a tutuor and accommodations because I had a learning disability I learned much slower and required more work to get something yet got good grades. I was so glad to be done with math though and havent taken a math class since my jr year i H.s. many moons ago now. I’m so bad a it that i hope my future Mrs. will be good at that and grammar bc if not my poor little kids are doomed!

    It is a shame that many have it so rough and its getting worse here due to cutting the arts as not important in education. So these areas that may have been the only fit for studetns is in jepordy and the possibility of fun and succesfull time at school like I had is disapearing. Plus all the school shooting over here for the various reasons that they happen are due inpart to feeling like an outsider and not have a spot. I’m not saying the lack of a theatre program equals a potential school shooting but it is a variable. Plus we have too many guns here anyway. But that is another rant and a political one and I never talk politics and religion to hot button.