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Agent Carter . . . A+ DAMN GOOD AND FUN

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well this is a quick review and glowing endorsement of Agent Carter on ABC.

This just fits so well in to my superhero girls section that I can not ignore it. I suspect that the #’s will also show that many many fan boys and fan girls will agree this was fantastic!

Nothing better then a gal that can hold her own and Carter is far better than that. She is at least 2 steps ahead of her  not so co coworkers . . .aka stereotypical men somewhat similar to the boys on mad men but with even less class  ( on the surface mind you). She also is one tough cookie handling many diffrent thugs and would be attackers with no help nor saving required. Though a few close shaves facilated due to the help of Jarvis.  YES THAT JARVIS, except a living breathing one, who is more Alfred the butler who used to be spy for the govt. then a simple butler serving tea though he is a tad out of his depth.

So mix all this together with a solid premiere with a good story fantastic sets and costumes ( I also love the hat) snapy dialogue and only 1 just 1 one liner.

I’m hooked and will not miss an episode hopefully it will be this strong for the next 7 weeks.

This is exactly what is needed to get the ball rolling faster and stronger for more female superhero lead stuff!

Full a full review check out my Superhero Girls section!


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