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Dracula Clothing Rocks my socks . . .STOP GEEK CHIC TODAY!


Hi Universe and Facebook Folks.

I bring this up after several mall trips during my christmas shopping and wanting to bang my head against a wall as I saw so many poorly hoodwinked people wearing Geek Chic.

I see as do many of you posts from Dracula I do not work for them in any way (disclaimer)

I just gotta say though,  that everything I see from Dracula Clothing ROCKS MY SOCKS HARD!

If I had my way we all would get rid of this damn nerdy 80’s throw back crap and start looking damn good again!

 ughhhh blaghhhh


You wanna go “throw back retro” How about VICTORIAN Beotch

   Pre Order Purple EGA Coat


Red Royal Vest          Blue Royal Vest        Grey Tesla Vest

Now were talking!


Am I right people?


Sorry that’s been brewing for awhile and today it just had to come out.

I step down from my soapbox. Carry on. Nothing to see here.



Author: drakeca89

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan":) I'm a Graduate Student at Akron U I'm an entrepreneur, a cosplayer, a avid theatre goer, a movie nut and I have incorporated all of these things into my buissness

10 thoughts on “Dracula Clothing Rocks my socks . . .STOP GEEK CHIC TODAY!

  1. Oh wow. I’ve fallen in love with that Dracula clothing. I love that style so much. If I had more money and it was more socially acceptable my wardrobe would be filled with clothes like that. :P.


    • thats the thing though social norms are weird geek chic is cool . . .come on?? the wild outfits of those in the arts now are seen on tv and movies and are getting more accepted. Crazy colors in girls hair is more normal. Tatoes except for full sleeves are no biggie. I plan to have many outfits along this line from them and made myself BUT it will be in my own business. My community is not a liberal community so I’ll be a bucking the norm and should, screw what they think if I looks good and others do to then screw everyone else. Besides we are younger then most of those who “don’t get it” so we will inherit their community and make it ours and call our own shots. Never be scared fly your freak flag! I never thought I’d think gals with blue or green or highlighter pink hair would not only be attractive but hot and make me think what the hell why not . . . how you doing 😉 So I’d say as long as they don’t throw stones at you do what you want and what makes you feel good and pretty. Fuck them. 🙂


      • Haha, I like your attitude. I use to have blue streaks in my hair, but I had to deal with a lot of name calling over it. I don’t understand why a bit of blue hair would cause such offence in others. Then I get confused when suddenly it becomes more acceptable. I miss those blue streaks.

        Some people wear clothes to fit in, attract others or just to look nice. To me the clothes I wear are a from of creative self expression. I hear people criticising tattoos, but even though I wouldn’t get one myself I don’t see an issue with people choosing to express themselves in that way. I stick to my own style rather than following fashion trends because they don’t represent who I am or necessarily suit me. A lot of the clothes that I wear are hand made and have so much detail to them. To me those sorts of clothes are far more interesting. I have noticed that younger people seem to be more open minded in some areas, so maybe things will one day change. I think the world would be a far more interesting place if people could feel more comfortable to express themselves in this way.

        Geek Chic, urrgh… Totally agreed on that one.

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      • I agree I got clothes I wear when I don’t care mmmm sweatpants sooooo comfy! and clothes I wear when I want to try to attract a lady. The people that I go to class with at university thrift shop alot so they wear some preaty unique things this one gal found this awesome coat with a cool pail=sley pattern and fale like wolf fur trim . . .thrift shop. She looked good in it to. thats what really matters if we feel comfy and like how it looks. I have a tato on m arm but its farf enough up that it can nearly be covered with a sleeve cuf just in case. I’d loove to get another of a batsignal. and when I get married I’m gonna have the aniversary date tatoed under my band ( never forget that date) I’d like to jhave my future litle bastards the kids hehe names on my wrist. I see ALOT of kids names on arms and wrists.
        Ugh fashion trends can be soooo ugly I wish REALLY REALY bad that we could go retro for the late 40’s business dressy clothes both women and men that’s a generation that looked damn good all the time! I overhead a mom talking about gettin a bikini for her daughter but couldnt find any that were full coverage she didnt want her daughter runing around with her ass hanging out. I dodnt agree with little kid fashion it shouldnt be adult in mini sizes.
        I imagine the hand made stuff is preaty awesome good job u!
        Thank God younger folks and myself included I’m a millennial are not so up tight and mostly dont look negativly at diffrent races and sexes. We all dont have to get along but if there not bothering me why should I care is a big improvment and thats good. fashion comes from those who usaly are not a 9-5 cubical worker type of person. They dance to their own drummer. Forinstance I’m wearing right now a sweater I got for Chrismas that has a chunky collar. It looks like the girl ones but its for men. I’m not called gay I’m told hay nice sweater. We need more of that.

        If you want to see a place were the world loves to let the people fly there freak flag and do what ever go to Toronto in Canada and take a walk down younge street in the summer ( longest street in the world so pace yourself) they have more hand made boutiques and crazy shops were people are selling anything and everything and stuff you wouldnt belive and wish you didnt hee hehe its fantastic its like this comunity of artists and fashion and it buts right up against the hudson bay company its like a Realllllly old Macy’s and you can see the influences of the little guys in this store thats been around since like 1845. I’d love to live there and be part of all of that. Whats great to is unlike New York City nobody is out and about until at least 10 am or 11 so you dont have a crushing amount of people to walk through untill the late afternoon! its all wicked cool. If we could just get that locally man it would do everyone good uh know.


      • Ah you see, I don’t need to work on attracting men any more and my boyfriend goes frantic if I wear anything too revealing, lol. I have my fancy clothes and then I just prefer to wear something that’s comfortable. I tried the whole wearing heels and skimpy outfits and things and it was so uncomfortable I wondered if it was all worth it. I actually really hurt my foot and had to be carried back home. My friends really dislike it when I wear stuff like that now. Lol. I do still risk it with my corset sometimes though, despite not being able to breathe very easily, lol. Clothes can look good but they have to be comfortable and practical too.

        I don’t want to go through the pain of having things like tattoos and piercings and then if I change my style I’m stuck with it. Not so bad on arms, but some people get it all over including their faces. I think it can look cool on some people though. If I had a tattoo It’d be a dragon curling around somewhere (not sure where though.)

        Sometimes when I go clothes shopping I can’t believe some of the stuff I see. I frequently say ‘why would anybody wear that?’ The frustrating thing is that when something goes into fashion, suddenly everywhere is selling just that one thing. If it isn’t to my tastes or doesn’t suit me then I have to look online or try smaller shops to find something to wear. Different people come in all different shapes and sizes and look good in different things, so it doesn’t make sense to me that we should all buy the same clothes. Also, I don’t like seeing kids dressing up too old for themselves.

        I can’t help but bristle a little when I’m around people who are closed minded about subjects like race, gender and sexuality. The way I see it is, if it doesn’t affect my life in any way then why should it bother me. I was once walking down the street and a random stranger started shouting insults at me for the way I looked (in fact I have a few stories like this.) I was only wearing a basic black t-shirt with jeans and even if it isn’t to their tastes I don’t see why they have to shout that at me. Not like we’re ever going to see each other again. Well, I suppose if you’re going to invoke a reaction just for wearing fairly normal clothes then I might as well just wear what the heck I like (within reason of course. :P) I love going to gigs and Gothic festivals because they’re the only places I can get excited about dressing up without feeling a sense of utter fear. On our way to the gothic festival we bumped into a mum with two kids. She looked nothing remotely like a Goth and there were three of us all dressed in black. No reservations though, she just started talking to us about where we were going and wishing us a good night out. Another girl complimented me on my appearance. Like you say, we need more of that.

        I’ve been to Toronto actually (and gone some way down the longest street.) It was a really nice place and I’d love to go back. In fact Canada is one of my fave places in the world. I’ve been to Vancouver too. It seems to be friendly and very multicultural. I don’t like pushing through the crowds either.

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      • Well I’m still searching for my future mrs. A catowman to my batman or probably more likely A Harley to my Joker hhehehe So I have certain outfits and a colors I wear. I do feel bad for the gals bc when I dress up I’m usaly in a layered look wear as the girls wear either so little or so light and tight that its not much fun. Honestly how great is a halter or tube top you you have to keep pulling it up every 5 min so the girls dont spill out?!?!

        A+ for wearing a corset!

        Yeah some of the tatoos people have chosen are stupid and ugly. Or they have to cover up the name of an ex somehow. not smart. Thats why I have mine so far up on my arm.

        Bonus points for the dragon tattoo when you get it. All my logos for my business and my family crest ring are dragons. Dragons are just so cool.

        I agree I have a pet peeve about every store having nearly the same stuff. What is driving me nuts right now are the yoga and spandex pants. I call them vagina pants bc there so damn tight I can see all the goods. I mean come on you know something is too tight when I can see clear up in to your birth canal! hahahaha;)There is no mystery now. I can see the exact figure to the littlest detail now and thats disappointing.

        I also might comment ok your wearing these skin tight pants right and I check out your booty and you get made at me? AREN’T YOU WEARING THE SKIN TIGHT PANTS TO BE CHECKED OUT!!!!!
        Sorry I got a dirty look when I was in the mall and felt . .well what do you expect. Now I’m not saying guys have the right to stare or anything like that this is a specific situation.

        I wore a lot of black in H.S. and got called a goth. I wasn’t one though.I diodnt like being taunted. I don’t think anyone should give anybody crap for what they wear unless your in like church and your look like a stripper, then yeah.

        Yep I agree I say gals should always be complimented just one more time forever. Though I might mention that we guys like to get complimented to and it happens very few times.

        ohhhh You know then. The people in Canada are sooo nice and I have noticed as well they keep up their parks and tourist areas and suburbs way better then they do here in the States.


      • I love dragons… maybe too much. I collect dragon ornaments and jewellery and things :P. There’s just something really powerful and majestic about dragon imagery. Yeah, some girls fashions are really skimpy or tight. It’s pretty annoying having to constantly pull up your top for fear of revealing certain things. (In fact I got drunk once in a loose top and well…. that was an embarrassing night out.) Then again, I don’t suppose it’s anything to be ashamed about, lol.
        I get really angry when I’m clothes shopping and can’t find anything, lol. I’m not the biggest fan of skinny fit jeans and yet they’re the only style of trousers I’ve been able to find in the shops for ages. I’m now trying out leggings to get around this problem. When I wear certain clothes I sort of expect that some guys are going to notice. It’s an ideal view that men wouldn’t stare or think of women in that way, but it’s not realistic. A lot of guys are drawn to that sort of thing and wearing skimpy clothes is only going to attract that attention whether we want it or not. So long as they know the boundaries and don’t act inappropriately (trying to touch or crude comments,) then it’s fine. A look doesn’t hurt and maybe I can even consider it to be complimentary that they noticed. What my boyfriend thinks of that is another matter though and I cannot be held responsible for his actions, lol. Still, I wouldn’t feel bad for accidentally looking.
        Yeah, I like goth clothes, but black does not necessarily equal goth. Yet some people make that assumption just on seeing you in darker clothing. Dark colours suit me better than lighter colours though. When I see people in funky clothes, even if it’s not to my taste I usually think, ‘wow, how original and creative of them. They look like an interesting person.’ Of course we have to draw the line somewhere if it comes to offensive clothing or extremely revealing clothing in certain places, but that’s just common sense really. Otherwise, I don’t get what it matters what we choose to wear.
        You make a great point about guys not receiving as many compliments as women, but I’ve met a few who are just as image conscious. I’ll remember that from now on and make the effort to compliment more :).
        I really hope you do find that right girl for you. Yeah, Canadians are awesome. I’ve noticed that about the parks too.

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      • I know! the sculputures that they have are so beautiful. You know what this has made me think of adding a new page to my blog! ( oh great more to keep up) I have many decor related things saved on the computer for my shop. One folder is nothing but dragons. Since I’m 1/2 finished witht the floor lay out I should then show what will go in those places. Thanks!!!!!! I man the look of a place is just as important as what is sold inside.

        Well I know for a fack on you r party night some places else the same thing was happening. hahaha and I’m sure the guys didn’t mind hahaha. My most embarrassing was puking during my own party 1/2 way through. Prior to that I was having a talk with a budy of mine that turned into a comic skit of us saying I LOVE U MAN! . . .sadly and laughably true.

        Yeah its only a problem if guys are really rude about it. I have already come up with what I would tell my future son. Girls are like paintings there pretty but look don’t touch. I’m sure your man has a few fav. outfits that you wear. I know I did with my ex. It says a lot more if you can find a person beautiful or sexy when there not wearing something skimpy.

        Goth that’s the funny thing all the Gothic cathedrals were it comes from have all these windows and are full of light and colors. I think that’s why I like the Dracula clothing on here because its not all black.

        For awhile there I had nothing but black or dark colored tshirts. When I changed myself I also changed my wardrobe now all of my shirts are bright and I have only a few dark colors. Now that excluded my batman and Harry Potter shirts those are all black AND SHOULD BE!!!!!
        Speaking of harry potter when will wearing a cape come back in style! I keep waiting.

        Oh yeah I’ve know some preattty boys who got too many compliments and huge heads bc of it. “Chad” ugh what a douche. hahahha

        Thanks she’s out there waiting for me like I’m waiting for her I know bc of my work on me she’s geting closer.


      • Oh a lot of us have been there. Throwing up at an inappropriate time or not knowing where our limits are with alcohol. My worst was on my boyfriend’s birthday. We ate out at a fancy restaurant and had a few drinks as to be expected. Then my friend had an accident with one of the wine glasses, tried to catch it but it broke and cut his hand. He actually severed a tendon and couldn’t move his thumb. Well I sometimes go a bit faint at the sight of injury and started to panic. Accidentally threw up. The whole restaurant was watching us as we rushed out to get to a hospital. So embarrassed, I just can’t show up at that place again. Lol. You guys and your ‘love you man,’ I’ve seen it happen amongst my friends too :P.

        That’s pretty good advice to give, and sweet that you think girls are like paintings. My boyfriend likes some of my outfits, but he’s not actually too fussed about what’s worn on top, just in what’s underneath. Lol. I think many people can look more attractive as their natural selves and don’t need to dress up all skimpy. Leave some to the imagination. I like how some of my clothes make me feel though. Sometimes just dressing up for yourself can make you feel more sexy and confident. I feel like I’m more out going when I’m allowed to be 100% myself in a situation, including what I wear. I suppose because I’m a bit shy, wearing something interesting can help me to stand out a bit.

        Yeah, Goth doesn’t have to be all black. In fact I have some very bright clothes in my wardrobe, some are even tie dyed purple, orange and yellow. One of my favourite dresses that I wear in summer is orange. I do like black as a base colour though because it goes with everything, and then I can add colour through my accessories. I like red and purple best I think. A lot of sub-cultures are under or misrepresented though, so many people carry a lot of wrong beliefs about what it means to be a part of certain groups. Therefore you get the odd person who will shout ‘goth’ at you just for wearing slightly darker colours. Awww, I really want to wear a cape now. Maybe we should agree to start wearing capes and encourage others to do so until somehow it takes over and becomes a trend. Lol.

        My main issue with complimenting guys is that they tend to take it automatically as a flirt and think they’re getting somewhere, when you were really just being nice as a friend. I’ve been in some misunderstandings, so I try to be upfront and careful about these thngs now.

        Oh you’ll find her, but it takes different people different amounts of time to find the right person. Just be patient and the right one will appear.

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  2. oh man thats an epic fail for a b-day that is too much hahahahaha its like straight out of a romcom. Oh guy code states that the only time a guy may say I love you man is in a drunken situation with a super best friend or to your dad at special events like graduation or births. Gotta watch that love you man stuff. Stick to the code!

    Thanks it just in my mind makes sense that gals are like paintings or like statures in a biblical framework. Lets face it men were the drawing board for God and women who came 2nd were the polished work. I mean come on men just look funny we have parts we dont need. Women everything has a purpuse and your curves are like a statue. Smarter too . Its clear to me us guys were just a sketch and women were the painting. I used to be a bit of a romantic so yeah that’s how I see it.

    HAHAHAHA yeah with my ex I had more interest in what was underneath as well. I have strict rules on pj’s no night dresses ughhh blagh . shorts and a cami or a long tshirt or actual pj’s . In my mind when I get either hitched or have a live in gf I am going to get all new pjs and underwear and even socks so its all knew and good looking. When I get hitched my wedding gift to her wil be a shopping spree to Victoria secret or similar to get her all new stuff too. ( ohhh mama that’s gonna be expensive!)

    Oh yeah us guys are twits and are nearly incapable of having platonic friends complimenting us is like tap dancing through a mine field .

    Thanks I realize now based on wear I am in life and my views and new crowds I’m in that she couldnt have shown up earlier bc I wasnt ready , I wasn’t as developed as a person till now.