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Sean Forney excellent artist and creator of my Company Logo’s

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Hi Universe,

Well this is a special post I am plugging and speaking the praises of Sean Forney.

As you know I’ve been working on my business for quite some time now and the major cornerstone are the logos for all 6 branches. Well the first 3 are ready to go!  Sean took rough sketches and pictures and my description of :

Drake Theatre Store

Drake Theatre

Drake Consulting Ventures

and turned them into vibrant fantastic pieces of art. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to walk you through the initial sketches till finally full logo’s will be posted.

Without his work I cant finish the website which means I cant start the kick starter campaign and the dominoes continue.


You have got to see Seans’ work he really is top notch check out his face book below

The full ink of Harley Quinn and the Baroness is what I bought off him at Collosal Con last summer


Please check him out and add him to your facebook


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