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Why So Serious?

Hello Universe,

Well if you have found me its a bloody miracle as they say. I am still trying to figure out how to use and create and publish on here so thanks for your patience that is if you can actually see me yet. If there a Idiot’s guide to word press out their some place?

Anyway, here is what I want you to actually look at and hopefully give me some feedback. Please check out my cosplay Joker page. No this is not Heath’s Joker (much respect and sadness for his passing) but that costume will come later and not be actually made by me. This one however will be made by yours truly. Its the joker from Akrham Orgins. The very cool and somewhat new Batman Video game. It’s a prequel game. So with that in mid it is not the typical joker costume that we would all think of. It will evolve into that later and as I mention on the Joker cosplay page you can see how they will evolve it in future game sequels.

Oh by the way not only will I be making the costume but I’ll be for the most part in character. So that means I gotta get the voice right and movements. Trained actor here folks I take my Cosplay and HALLOWEEN (better then Christmas) seriously. {Why So Serious?} hehe 🙂

Now if you have played the game and your a fan you will know that Mark Hamil is not the voice of this joker, but fear not the new guy is very good and does make his version sound at least similar to Hammels’ version but a little more husky / deep sounding and not as high pitched sooooooo . . . .I gotta ge tthe voice right to.

I figure it will take about a week of studying to get it down.

So Check out the Video here  ( I hope) and please check out the page to see all the stuff I have planned. hmmm aparently I need to have the paid verison to insert a video . .BOOO. Here is the link though very cool 🙂


oh wait it did work wooohooo

Ok Universe thats all for now


Jason Drake


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