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Hi Universe Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,



I am proud of my work its the first from totally scratch cosplay and I think it looks great. Here is a tease to see all the pieces parts check out my Cosplay Page

IMG_0016     Cosplay Page

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Cosplay Sat. Screw ups . .

Hi Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

So I’m back sorry for missing last week, my firend got hurt and had surgery so that comes first. But this week I’m here for you all posing the “Tough Questions” ;)

Wel I am finishing my Barbossa costume I just have to attach the sleeves and put on some buttons and feathers and thats it.


I screwed up the one sleeve I put the fancy cuff on backwards so the unfinished side was on the outside instead of hidden on the inside. OOPS. It was completely attached before I knew what I did and to take it off woulda destroyed both the cuff and the shirt. So I had to clean it up as best as I coould and use A LOT OF FRAY CHECK.

So here is this weeks Question:

What have you screwed up on your cosplays and how did you fix it?

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Summer Movie Friday


Hi Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well Friday has arrived so its time for another preview. I might mention that Poltergeist came out today, and my response is  blbbbbpppppbbbbb thats the spelling of me blowing a raspberry at the computer screen. I’ll all for new interpretations of older movies but a straight up remake pisses me off. ESPECIALLY if its a remake of a classic. You don’t remake jaws you create  something new Like deep blue sea. So remaking this film makes me say no HELL NO it is a classic. So I will not be seeing this till it gets to my local $1 dollar theatre.

So next week gives us the latest action adventure from the The Rock. I enjoy this flicks my fav of the genera would be Volcano staring Tommy lee jones so this new disaster film interests me Check it out Bellow:

Trailer 1 Teaser – wow and might I add as usual glad to see Paul Geomonti!

Trailer 2

Now were talking thats an EPIC looking disaster movie.


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Hump Day – IN Honor OF MY FRIEND


Universe, Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well I’m back sorry for being away but my friend got hurt pretty bad. She is ok. Had to have a surgery. I’ve been there for her taking care of her. I wouldn’t change one thing about it other than her getting hurt in the 1st place of course.

She’s my best friend and I feel privileged to have her in my life. So I showed her this clip after a evening trying to find the only 24 hr pharmacy in the area. Its funny and when dealing with hospitals and doctors and pharmacies its perfect.

So In honnor of my friend this weeks hump day is “Iliza shlesinger pharmacist” stand up Enjoy

Heal Quick hun!


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Summer Movie Friday



Hello Universe Facebook Folks and Pinterest Pals,

Well we have arrived at another Summer Movie Friday.  Next on the list of MUST SEE’S is

I gotta say at first I though mhaaaa but then I saw the full Trailer and I was blown away I bet you’ll agree

Trailer 1 WHOAAAAA right?!?!?!!?!


Trailer 2

WOW Ok I am sold I’ll be buying a ticket



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