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Technology can suck it . . .aka why my supermonday didnt post and Hump DAy

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks.

SCREW YOU MILITARY TIME! Sorry but I am one of the many people that dont know military time. For some crazy ass reason my Superhero Mondya post never posted thanks to military time. This cheezes me right off.I hate being late or forgeting a post. This was not my fault. So here are the SuperHero Monday Polls

Take that stupid computer not doing what I want!!!!!!


I might point out his replica samuri sword splinters into pieces on the computer, so in case of a zombie apocaplse get a cold steel sword not your replica to take out the zombies . . .just an FYI



and to class it up a bit labcoats and slowmo smashing of a laptop


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Cosplay Sat. . . . How do you take care of your stuff???

Hi Universe and Facebook folks,


Well it has occurred to me that I am quickly amassing a lot of stuff that is either remnants of fabric and the like or actual costumes and props.  Where am I going to put all of this stuff?  How should I put this stuff away?

So This week the question is simple: How do you store your cosplay things both remnants and costumes and props?



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Barbossa Cosplay Updates . . . . .ARGHHHHHH

Hi universe and Facebook Folks,

Well I have gotten farther the front and back of the coat is all attached. I have not put the sleeves on yet I am waiting on a friend to give me some guidance on it before I go to stitch them in.

I have noticed that the coat is getting heavy . . .noticeable so. I’m going to have to figure out a way to keep me cool as I wear it. Maybe one of those back packs that you can fill with cold water. Or maybe put my under shirt in the the fridge in the room the water would hold its chill longer though. ANY IDEAS?

Ok here is a tease see all the pics on my Cosplay Page

bbIMG_0004 bbIMG_0005  bbIMG_0007   bbIMG_0011

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Hi Universe and Facebook Folks

How about some fun cosplay bloopers this week.



Anybody like Attack on Titan?



WARNING COSPLAYERS DANCING . . . actually not to bad for fellow nerds;)


these guys and gals actually look like a fun group to bad there waaaaaaaayyyyy far away in what I am assuming is Germany?

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Super Monday Poll

Hi Universe and Facebook folks!

Well are you ready for the latest polls? Sound the call to battle  . . . er kinda?!?!  here they are




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Cosplay Sat.


Hi Universe and Facebook,

Well some of you lucky cosplayers have the cool chance to be in Toronto enjoying the con there. Major jealous.

So My question this week is about travel with your cosplay.

Ok here is the scenario: Your going to a convention either out of state or out of the country: what ways do your get your costume and props to the location. Yon can travel via: PLANE, CAR, TRAIN. You also can ship pieces parts using U.S.P.S. or your countries equivalent, Fedex , UPS.

I have not left the state or country to go to a con but that time is approaching so how do you get it all there?

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Hi Universe and Facebook Folks its HUMP DAY.

Well post St. Paty’s day many off you will be nursing that awesome hang over and bloated gut from so much corned beef  and cabbage so were gonna make it simple this week enjoy!




we always cover the ass . . . . hahahaha fantastic




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