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Hump Day – Dracula


Well Universe , Facebook Folks, Pinterest pals, and Cosplay World Buddies, I’m off tonight to go see Dracula @ Weathervane Playhouse. Its a different version than the original. I,  in my undergrad days was Jonathan Harker,  so I got to win the girl in the end. So I got a soft spot for this one. Plus nearly Halloween season so its perfect, but did you know there are funny versions of Dracula . . . enjoy!

My Fav funny version “Dracula Dead and Loving It”

Let me tell you folks if you wanna laugh your ass off watch this movie!


“Love @ first Bite” just totaly goofy


Cosplay Sat. Harley Quinn – choosing the right hammer


one of my fav versions of her costume do you agree?

Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and Cosplay World buddies,

I LOVE HARLEY QUINN. I am sure almost all of you agree , if you dont what is the matter with you! ;)

So I was at hottopic this week and was looking at some of there costume pieces for Halloween – AKA checking out the competition for my props

I saw several things but one item in particular stuck out. Harleys Hammer- Its inflatable.

    SEE its also tiny the hammer may only be about 15- 20 inches long so barely more than a ruler.

My question is this we say cosplay is for everybody and we should never judge a persons costume or props but is there a line for that?

I would never EVER dis someones cosplay or props ever, but in my mind when I saw this I though OH COME ON!!!!! you can do better than that at least make it the proper proportions.

But lets remember fellow cosplayers this is a HALLOWEEN prop its not like the hammer you would see in my cosplay section of the store.

So what do you think, when is it ok to go cheap and easy and when is it not?

Now just to be the devils advocate they had Harleys pop gun its also inflatable. Safety and security at a con are important this will obviously pass. But also since its inflatable its extremely easy to pack seeing as it will become flat.


So when is it ok to go for just cute and easy?


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Hump Day – Agents of Shield and Peggy Carter



I love it when celebrities do things for charity especially in costume or very funny stuff well do I have a hump day for you than!


Miss Piggy – whaaaaaaat? Go to 16 of 16

OMG wrecking ball and coleson in short shorts hahahahhha epic


They have completed round 1 and part of round 2 so check back here for more fun :


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SuperHero Monday Gotham Season 2

Well I waited until after Gotham on purpose and I’m glad I did makes for an easy poll.

So is it ok to do a little evil to do a greater good?  Bruce thought so which makes sense I mean Batman is a vigilante that beats the hell outta people every night you could look at it as he’s doing bad to clean up Gotham which is good.

But what about Gordon tonight ? He killed a guy. I say it was self-defense he was getting shot at. Plus the guy was a mobster so not a good guy. However that was after being a bag man for Penguin.

He got his job back and a good new commissioner . . . but he killed a guy, how much will that weigh on his conscience  . . .

So what is your opinion where do you fall ? Check out the Poll on our page!


Cosplay Sat. – Halloween Doth Come soon



Hello universe, facebook folks, pinterest pals, and world cosplay buddies,

Well if your like me you are totaly thrilled that most of the halloween stuff is out! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO better than christmas in my book.

But what party do you go to? What costume do you wear?

I cant stand 90% of the total shity poorly made costumes in the stores. Why is utra thin felt even an option to make anything other than a hat out of?

But many of the people who are not the initiated cosplayers such as us may not have any clue as to what your costume is. So like me your are planning now for the party – BUT WHAT DO YOU WEAR?

Thats the question for this week. Do you resurrect an old cosplay to go to the bash in? Do you make something new? Do you have a special “ball” costume- many of us who have gone to colossal con do- what do you wear?

This is my ball costume minus the ruffles-   But they marked up the ticket cost by $25 to the one I went last year to and thatis too expensive$75 to get in the door! So Chances are I’ll be going to only Halloweekends at Cedar Point this year and thats ok.


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Hump Day – Starwars


Hello Universe Facebook Folks Pinterest Pals and World Cosplay Peeps

Well I have to post about this Star wars video bc its damn good! What would you do if the storm troopers and Vadar decided you were enemy # 1?


Enjoy hahahahahaa


this is just fun takes me back and probably you too


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Super Hero Girls Section UPDATES!!!!!!

Well a lot has happened check out our Super Hero Girls page for all the details

agent-carter s2 poster top Agent Carter News

 Girl Gamers are biggest demographic now!  aka GIRLS RULE THE GAMING WORLD!!!

Jessica Jones (2015) Poster  Netflix has released the teaser trailer



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