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Cosplay Sat. – Your Thoughts on a cosplay pannel


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals and, World Of Cosplay Folks,

What would you guys think of a panel hosted by yours truly that was all about how and where and what to watch out for when buying predone cosplay online?

Would you attend this panel?

and what would be most important to you to learn if you attended?

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Cosplay Sat. Just how important are Props?



Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals, and World of Cosplay buddies,

This weeks question matters because sometimes its not the costume its the props that make us step back and choose another character to cosplay.

How Crucial is it that you have the matching props?  Also during a convention most hand props you have to  gasp hold in your hand all day !  If you wanna buy stuff you only have one hand to do so and than no hands free once your treasure is now yours . . . .than its a loooooong walk tot he car or your hotel room to ditch the new stuff.


So this weeks question is how important are props to cosplaying? 


Just think about it hands free is great but what is Batman without his Batarang or catwoman with out her whip or Harley Quinn with out her hammer?

Does it truly matter?


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Hump Day – Bat Dad


Hello Universe, Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pas and World Cosplay buddies,


Well its that time of year again when its November and everyone at least in the stores is acting like its mid December! GRRRRRRR Too much too soon

Bat Dad please elaborate!



superhero mondays soco

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Super Hero Monday- Jessica Jones

superhero mondays soco

Hello Universe , Facebook Folks, Pinterest Pals, and World Cosplay Buddies

Well I am sure that you all know about Jessica Jones coming on Nov. 20th but you may not have seen the most recent trailer.


I think this is great and we need more superhero titles lead by a female character. This is a step in the right direction.


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